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3 Benefits of Cork Flooring & Why Nashville Needs More of it

What’s a floor that’s eco-friendly; has good sound absorption for a studio in Music Row; and is safe for customers? When asked these questions, many team members at Ozburn-Hessey direct people to cork flooring. Though carpet and vinyl flooring are popular choices for floors in the Nashville area, neither embody all three of those qualities quite like cork flooring. Here are some benefits if you choose to go with this floor installation:


  • Cork is harvested from the bark of cork oak trees (which have lifespans of over 200 years) and does not harm trees.

  • The bark is harvested every nine years, which makes the cork a renewable resource.  

  • In addition, producing cork generates almost no waste. The flooring is a byproduct of stoppers made for wine and other bottles. 

Durable and Safe

  • Cork flooring is resistant to heavy furniture so it “bounces” right back after the furniture has made an indention in the floor.

  • It’s a non-slippery surface, which makes it great for those who might fall. The floor might be recommended for bathrooms (when stepping out of a bath) or a gym (to reduce the risk of injury).

  • It’s tough against cracking and scratches.

  • Cork floor is fire-resistant up to high levels of heat and does not omit near as much toxic materials as vinyl flooring.


  • Because the floor “bounces” back after furniture, it acts a cushion for people as they walk on it too.

  • Cork flooring also is a natural thermal and acoustic insulator, which is why cork flooring is very popular in music studios, schools, libraries and museums. Having a natural insulator for sound and heat ensures your business is staying comfortable and quiet all the time.

Cork is a great option to floor installation, especially in commercial businesses. If you don’t want to try vinyl flooring or carpet, cork is a great alternative. Not only durable and safe for your clientele, but it will last for years and is relatively easy to maintain. The floor installation process is a piece of cake too! Simply call Ozburn-Hessey, set up a consultation and you’re on your way to cork flooring. For more information or a quote, call Ozburn-Hessey at (615) 254-1585.


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