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What’s the Most Cost Effective Home Flooring?

When it comes to finding budget-friendly flooring, you aren’t without choices. There are many options for cost-effective home flooring, so let’s review a few of the most popular options and their pros and cons. 

Most Popular Cost-Effective Home Flooring Options

Vinyl Sheet Flooring

Vinyl is an affordable but durable flooring option for homeowners looking to save money and still have beautiful flooring. What makes vinyl one of the most cost effective flooring options? There are several factors at play, but one of the primary reasons is its material. Synthetic flooring options are usually easier and cheaper to produce than natural options like wood or cork. Vinyl sheet floors come in a variety of styles and usually don’t take too long to install once the measurements have been made. When properly installed, this flooring is incredibly durable and fully waterproof. With the right maintenance schedule, vinyl sheet floors can last for years without needing replacement. Sheet vinyl flooring is best suited for rooms like kitchens, laundry rooms, and finished basements. 


Laminate is an excellent low-cost flooring option. Unlike vinyl, many types of laminate flooring are made with some wood, though the wood patterns of laminate are often artificial. But don’t let that worry you; laminate planks can be incredibly convincing in their mimicry of real wood. Laminate and vinyl start at similar prices, but both can get steeper if you look for thicker, more luxurious options. If you want a hardwood look, laminate might be your best bet when considering your budget. While laminate flooring is still versatile, it’s not as water-resistant as vinyl, so make sure you’re not putting laminate in rooms where moisture is a common factor. Laminate is usually best suited for living rooms and bedrooms. 


Linoleum flooring is often seen as one of the best cost effective flooring options for its staying power. Linoleum floors, when properly cared for, can last decades without losing their luster. Linoleum flooring starts at a similar price to other listed options, but given its longevity, it may be your winner. For rooms like kitchens and bathrooms, linoleum has been the standard choice for homeowners on a budget. Durable and able to mimic a variety of more expensive flooring choices, linoleum is a great option if you’re looking to save money but maintain an aesthetic. Linoleum can fit in any space and is a great low-cost flooring idea

Where You Can’t Cut Costs

We respect a budget, and flooring costs can be intimidating for new homeowners. Flooring is a critical part of the home, and it can easily be a detriment if it’s installed improperly. Even the most expensive flooring out there is nothing without professional installation. It can sound like a smart plan to install flooring yourself, but this is not a great idea. Improperly installed floors can suffer greatly reduced lifespans, allow moisture to affect the subfloor and structure of the home, and just look plain ugly. At Ozburn-Hessey, we understand that many of our customers are looking to balance cost and function, and that can be a tricky act. 

So, what is the cheapest type of floor to install? Overall, sheet vinyl generally wins. While it’s not as durable or thick as luxury vinyl planks or tiles, sheet vinyl is very sturdy. When installed properly, it can last a long time and give you a great deal of bang for your buck. 

Cost-effective home flooring is possible, even when installed professionally. If you’re ready to talk to the pros about your options, give us a call at Ozburn-Hessey today for a free consultation and estimate.

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