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Colors: What Fits Your Commercial Space

Choosing the perfect carpet is essential to your commercial space, but that can (understandably) be a daunting task. What carpet fiber best fits your needs? What pattern should you choose, or even simply, what color? The color of your carpet can have a huge impact on what message you’re trying to convey with your business. Do you want to evoke a sense of hospitality and warmth? Or perhaps you want to portray a sense of tranquility? Whatever you wish to evoke, the color of your carpet can help you get there. You just have to know which color to choose.

Brown — This is a natural color. Take hardwood for example! This particular color evokes a sense of reliability and strength. People also tend to think of security, warmth and comfort when they see brown. Ever notice certain logos that use brown to evoke this same type of message. UPS is a great example! Carpet can elicit the same effect. Perhaps you’re a hotel or a doctor’s office. Using shades of brown in your carpet can allow people to feel a sense of hospitality.

White — White has always been associated with purity, cleanliness and perfection. Though white carpet fiber can be a risk, if you’re trying to evoke this message to customers, white flooring is a great option. If you own a bridal boutique in Nashville, white carpet would evoke purity or innocence. Say you own a medical practice in Murfreesboro. Using white on your floors would instill a cleanliness vibe within the space.

Red — This color can spark a lot of emotion. Even though we don’t typically see a lot of bright red carpets in most commercial spaces, shades of red can be used to evoke warmth, love and comfort. If you run a small boutique or intimate restaurant, perhaps installing red carpet is something to consider. Red is also associated with making quick decisions or energy. This might prove beneficial for gyms or retail areas.

Blue — Choosing to install floors that are blue is associated with loyalty, wisdom and confidence. This is great for a variety of offices, educations buildings and retail spaces. Just like red, bright blues may not be a popular choice, but shades of blue or patterns that include blue can be a great alternative.

These four colors (or variations of) are roughly the most common colors to work with when it comes to interior design, even when it comes to floor installation. But it doesn’t have to be restricted to carpet. Other flooring like vinyl works too! Need help deciding what flooring is best for your commercial space? Ozburn-Hessey can help and services customers within the Middle Tennessee and Nashville area! Call them today to discuss different floor installation options, including colors and patterns you’ll love for years to come.

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