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The Impact of Flooring on Home Resale Value: Nashville Insights

Residential flooring

The housing market in Nashville and the country at large shows no real signs of cooling off, making now a great time to consider selling. With the myriad of factors that can determine your home’s value, don’t overlook the impact that great flooring can have. 

Do Floors Impact Resale Value?

Here’s the simple answer: yes, your flooring can really impact your home’s resale value. How much value does new flooring add to a home? That depends. When it comes to flooring, there is more than one factor that determines how valuable it is to a prospective home buyer. Durability, age, cleanliness, and style all go into determining whether a floor in your home is going to help or hurt your resale value. Many buyers want a turnkey home, and bad flooring is a major turn-off for people looking for an easy move. In the same way that you can ask how much flooring increases a home’s value, you need to remember that it can just as easily decrease the value of your home if it’s not properly installed, maintained, or with the times. A home’s floors can help determine whether you have dozens of enthusiastic bidders or no offers at all (no good ones, anyway). 

Using What You’ve Got

In the Nashville market, homeowners and home buyers value hardwood flooring and vinyl over most other options for common living spaces. Hardwood floors increase the value of a home in almost every scenario unless they’re in bad shape. That’s because wood floors never seem to go out of style, and they’re easy to maintain. If your home has hardwoods that are in dire need of some fixing up, don’t panic. Hardwood floors can be refinished for a lot less than the cost to install brand new flooring, and refinishing can give your floors years of life, ensuring a buyer will see the value in your home’s flooring. 

While carpeting isn’t the most desirable flooring choice, some homes are full of it. It can be hard and expensive to remove all of your carpeting before selling a home, so don’t let it get to that point. In order to get the most out of your home’s carpet and ensure it has resale value, you need to clean it regularly and properly. Steam cleaning your carpets yearly can extend their lifespan greatly and ensure you aren’t scaring away prospective buyers with stained, dingy carpet fibers. Fortunately, if you need it, residential flooring installation with Ozburn-Hessey can be affordable and easy.

Increasing Resale Value With New Flooring

While hardwoods are the most desirable flooring in the Nashville market, that doesn’t mean you need to rip everything up and start over. Hardwood flooring installation can help to boost a home’s value, but it isn’t really necessary for many buyers. Many people enjoy the convenience and adaptability of luxury vinyl over hardwood in Nashville and housing markets across the nation. Vinyl is a durable material that comes in many trendy forms to match whatever style you or your buyer may be looking for. Vinyl plank flooring may be the best flooring for selling a house these days for a few reasons. Vinyl is effectively waterproof, making cleaning a breeze. Vinyl is also incredibly durable and can last for decades if it’s cleaned regularly. Vinyl can be designed to imitate the appearance of other flooring options like hardwood and tile, giving you the aesthetic you want on a budget. 

Sell Stronger With Ozburn-Hessey Flooring

No matter what flooring installation you opt for in your Nashville home to prepare it for this competitive housing market, you need to trust the pros. The flooring experts at Ozburn-Hessey have served Nashville for decades, and our experience and knowledge on installation and trends can’t be overstated. Give us a call today for a free consultation and estimate, and maximize your home’s resale value with flooring solutions from O-H.

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