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Why Experience Matters for Nashville Residential and Commercial Floor Installation

When considering installing new floors in your residential or commercial space, you might think about trying the installation yourself as a way to save money. While the do-it-yourself (DIY) approach is a great way to save money on many projects, flooring is a task best left to the professionals. Here’s why experience matters for residential and commercial flooring installation in Nashville

You Lack the Proper Tools

There are varying levels of difficulty when it comes to installing flooring. Some flooring types are designed to be easier to install. Click and lock vinyl flooring, for example, seems on the surface to be designed for the DIYer. You take the planks and click and lock them together, right? But it’s not so simple. There are other supplies needed to install these floors, and they’re actually quite difficult to get perfect. Floating floors like these are dependent on the subflooring to be level and in good condition, and doing that yourself can be a challenge in an old home. 

You also need to consider the angles of the room, and trust us, planks are going to need to be cut. No room is designed to be perfectly wide for a predetermined number of planks or tiles. Cutting them with precision is hard and requires specific tools you might not have. The spacers involved in installing click-and-lock flooring are also an extra expense, and despite their size and relative simplicity, are necessary to properly install click-and-lock vinyl or hardwood flooring. 

The simplest floors call for some special tools, and this only becomes more true for other flooring types. Due to their complex nature, some of these residential floor installation tools are hard to find for average consumers. Carpeting is dependent on specialized tools that the everyday DIYer wouldn’t recognize. From carpet knives to floor knee kickers, these products add up, and they also aren’t easy to just pick up and work with. Hardwood installation requires a great deal of leveling, nailing, gluing, sanding, cutting, and finishing, and all of these tasks call for the right tool if you want the job done well.

While it may sound like the cheaper option, when you add up additional materials and tools, plus your personal time spent on the installation, you’re not saving much of anything. With commercial flooring installation, this becomes abundantly clear. These spaces are usually large, and a job that could take a team of experts a day or two could end up costing you weeks. This is especially true if you make a mistake, which many people are likely to do simply because of their lack of experience. 

Experience Matters

Flooring installation is no easy task, even if the pros make it look simple. With experienced installers, your floors might be fully installed within a day. Doing it yourself will almost certainly take much longer, and if it doesn’t, it’s probably because you cut some corners. When looking for a professional flooring installation in Nashville, look no further than Ozburn-Hessey. With decades of experience and a number of trusted flooring providers, your installation will be skillful and painless from start to finish. Don’t stress about supplies or measuring and cutting. Let the experts handle it, and rest easy knowing your flooring will be installed right the first time. 

We never want to doubt someone’s capabilities, and there are plenty of people out there who are perfectly capable of installing flooring. But when you need a job done in the Nashville area, no matter the size or scope, Ozburn-Hessey is ready and willing to handle it. Give us a call today for a free consultation and estimate for your flooring project.

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