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Choosing the Right Carpeting for Nashville Convention Centers and Event Spaces

Don’t get overwhelmed in your search for the right soft flooring for your Nashville convention center or event space. Here are some of Ozburn-Hessey’s best tips for choosing the right carpeting for your large space.

Why Choose Carpeting for Your Event Space?

Carpeting has been declining in popularity for the last few years, mainly due to its association with interior design from past decades. But there’s a reason carpet has stood the test of time in commercial and event spaces despite its sharper decline in residential popularity.

Traction and Safety

Event space carpeting is popular because it serves several functions in any place that a large group of people gather. Carpet provides good traction and safety for the people who visit an event space. This means that your event space will be free of slips and falls on wet days or in the winter. Carpeting is also the most comfortable flooring option, and considering most people spend events and conferences on their feet, that’s a major check in the pro box. When your space is comfortable, people can stay longer. More time in your event space increases the odds of a sale or a great review.

Acoustic Dampening

Another huge benefit of commercial carpeting in Nashville is its acoustic qualities. Event spaces are designed to be large and open, suitable for a variety of applications. Openness is great for versatility, but not so much for sound. Carpeting can greatly reduce echo and noise transmission in a large commercial space, which can help the guest experience immensely. Carpet absorbs sound waves, keeping them from spreading and causing noise pollution, so people can speak to one another without hearing or being heard by nearby event-goers.

Durability and Cleanability

Carpeting also provides a high degree of versatility under immense levels of foot traffic—an absolute must in spaces where hundreds or thousands of people may gather regularly. Carpet doesn’t scratch like hardwood or painted concrete, meaning it’ll look great even if someone drops a folding table or drags something heavy across the floor. While carpeting can tear, the low-pile nature of commercial event carpeting means it’s at a much lower risk than high-pile, plush residential carpeting. Maintaining and cleaning carpets in high-traffic event spaces is a must, and regular steam cleaning is a great way to ensure you’re getting a long lifespan from your floors. Carpet cleaning in Nashville is critical for commercial spaces, with regular vacuuming and semi-annual steaming being non-negotiable.

Visual Appeal

Consider carpet’s aesthetic versatility and value, too. Hard floors come in different styles and colors, but the possibilities of custom carpet design far exceed them. Whether you want to drive home your brand with a specific color scheme, create contrast with your walls and furnishings, or establish a neutral space, you can easily find the right carpet for your event space.

The Right Carpeting for a Nashville Convention Center

So with all these benefits of carpeting for your Nashville convention center in mind, what’s the best carpet for your space? Nylon carpeting is generally considered the best material for event spaces and convention centers for a few reasons. Nylon is a synthetic material, produced to look uniform and put up with a great deal of abuse. Nylon can maintain its shape and be revived by steam cleanings if it does begin to appear dented. Nylon carpeting is also incredibly durable against dirt and spills and is relatively stain-resistant. Many nylon carpets are installed on waterproof pads, meaning your subfloors won’t be damaged in the event of a spill or during steam cleaning. While nylon isn’t the cheapest carpeting option for an event space or convention center, it’s also not the most pricey choice. With nylon, you get what you pay for. The quality is unparalleled, and there’s no better option. If properly cleaned and maintained, nylon carpeting can last for several years, even under the heaviest of foot traffic.

Considering Carpet for Your Event Space?

No matter your needs for carpeting and the size of the crowds your events and conventions attract, Ozburn-Hessey can help. For the best commercial flooring selection and installation, contact the professionals at Ozburn-Hessey Company.

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