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Why It’s Best to Install New Commercial Flooring During the Holidays

Let’s face it: installing commercial flooring can be a disruptive process, and even when they’re done quickly, you might lose some productivity in the process. Fortunately, the approaching holiday season gives Nashville business owners a perfect opportunity for a stress-free installation. 

Why Install New Commercial Flooring?

Updating your commercial flooring this holiday season is a great way to invest in the future of your business. Thinning office carpet or worn tile floors are unsightly and can create hazards for your employees, regardless of your industry. Think about it: in every occupation, flooring matters! Ensuring that your business’s flooring is aesthetically pleasing, comfortable, safe, and easy to maintain is more important than you think. In public facing businesses, your flooring can help to create the ambiance you’re going for — the floors tie the whole room together. Commercial floors are a wise investment for your Nashville business, and Ozburn-Hessey has you covered for whatever you need. From hardwood options, to carpeting, resilient flooring and everything in between, your commercial flooring needs are our priority. 

What Makes the Holidays Perfect for New Commercial Flooring Installation

Now that you have an idea of the products Ozburn-Hessey can offer for you commercial flooring project, what makes floor installation in winter a good idea? No matter the size of your commercial flooring project, whether it’s a single room or a large production space, disruptions will happen during installation. Without access to areas where installation is happening, you’re going to lose precious time working. The holidays pose a unique advantage, however. Maybe you and your staff take time off around the holidays, or you experience slowdowns during this time of year when many industries slow. With your staff on winter break, and production expectations lower than normal, winter is a great time to have wood flooring installed without disrupting your productivity. 

There are also benefits to the actual installation process that winter brings. Installing hardwood floors in winter is a well-established method of getting flooring done right the first time. In the winter, hardwood is exposed to less moisture and heat, making the boards less swollen or enlarged. In humid weather (which is common in the summer), hardwood can expand and become difficult to piece together effectively. No matter when they’re installed, hardwood floorboards need to spend time in a given space to acclimate to the temperature and humidity. This takes less time in winter, and since the boards are closest to their natural size, they can be installed easily. Installing swollen, humid boards can lead to them to become warped or lead to gaps when the season changes. In winter, this isn’t as likely to happen. Installing commercial wood floors in winter is an excellent way to ensure their aesthetic quality and to extend their lifetime value.

Get Commercial Flooring Done This Holiday Season

This winter and holiday season is the perfect time to consider commercial flooring installation for your Nashville business. If you’re ready to work with the experts, give us a call at Ozburn-Hessey for a free consultation and estimate today.

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