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What Should You Do When Your Home Carpeting Falls Apart?

Your home is a dynamic place, whether you’re alone or living with a family, pets, or roommates. Things get busy in a home, and it’s easy to forget basic maintenance. But your carpet can suffer from inattention. Here’s how to prevent and mitigate damage, and how to fix the issue when your home carpeting is already falling apart. 

Cleaning = Longevity

A clean home carpet is a long-lasting carpet, but that’s sometimes easier said than done. Whether it’s pet stains, spills from kids, or overly excitable Sunday football fans, your carpet is going to be subjected to some messes. How you clean a mess is important, and how often you are removing dirt and dust is also going to be a factor in your carpet’s lifespan. 

Vacuum frequently, and deep clean every six months to ensure your carpets are free of allergens, dirt, and other nastiness. Renting a deep cleaner or hiring home carpet cleaning services are the best ways to tackle deep cleaning. Dirt and dust might not be visible, but it’s going to be an abrasive force on the carpet fibers. Additionally, the dirt will eventually become fine and fall through the carpet onto the subfloor. When combined with a spill, this can essentially reactivate old dirt that you missed with the vacuum. 

If you have a spill, act fast. The sooner you blot up the liquid, the better odds you’ll have of a stain-free carpet. Don’t rub the spill in either; make sure you’re soaking and using a carpet cleaner correctly to prevent damaging your carpets or staining them worse. 

Other Damage Prevention Tips

Carpets can form snags, or small sections of thread that become loose and pull up. When removing these unsightly blemishes, avoid pulling the thread. This action will only unravel the carpet further and cause more damage. Instead, cut the thread with a pair of scissors to match the height of surrounding carpet fibers. If you have high-traffic areas where your home carpeting is taking a lot of abuse, you can use runners or area rugs to cover them. This will prevent the carpet below from taking the brunt of the damage from frequent activity. 

What Should You Do When Your Home Carpeting Falls Apart?

When it’s too late to prevent damage, your options focus on what chance you have of recovering your carpet. But how do you fix a carpet that is coming apart? If it’s a small section of carpeting that’s stained or otherwise damaged, you can patch a small part of the carpet. This is of course only possible if you can find the matching carpet somewhere or if you kept scraps for this exact purpose. Professional flooring companies can provide home carpet services and patch carpets for you, and they use specialized tools much better for the job. 

If the damage is too extensive and widespread or you can’t clean away decades of pet odor and dander, it might be time to consider replacing your carpeting. Whether you want to change things up and refinish the hardwood beneath, install new vinyl or plank flooring, or install a new carpet, it’s best to consult the experts. 

No matter your flooring needs, Nashville’s Ozburn-Hessey Company has you covered. If you need advice on cleaning or an estimate on fixing or replacing your carpet, give us a call today for a free consultation and estimate.

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