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What Kind of Aesthetic Does Rubber Flooring Create?

Residential rubber flooring may not be top of mind for you when you think of new flooring in your home. However, it can be quite versatile and even appropriate for some homes. After installation, you may wonder what aesthetic this new look will create in your home. 

Here are a few rooms rubber flooring will work best and the vibe it will offer for those spaces as well as the rest of your home.

What Aesthetic Comes from Rubber Floors

Kids’ Rooms

First and foremost, rubber flooring is extremely durable and completely impervious to water and spills. This makes it ideal for kids’ rooms. It also offers a little give in case kids trip and fall on the floor. There are many bright and playful colors offered with rubber flooring for kids’ rooms, creating a fun and child-friendly atmosphere.


Bathrooms are an obvious choice for rubber flooring due to the fact that moisture can’t infiltrate them. There are many textured, slightly textured, and non-textured designs for the bathroom that create the feel you want. Whether you want something bright that doesn’t take itself too seriously or something contemporary for a bathroom with clean lines and modern components, rubber flooring is ideal. It’s also very easy to clean and maintain, even with strong chemicals that aren’t good for other flooring types like hardwood flooring or vinyl flooring.

Kitchens and Living Rooms

It’s becoming increasingly popular to install rubber kitchen flooring or rubber flooring in the living room, especially as new designs are made to look more versatile and welcoming. And that’s exactly what rubber flooring in these spaces can do; create a hospitable place. If you entertain often, they’re the perfect moisture-resistant surface and can handle pretty much any amount of traffic. Even in residential kitchens, you can create a homey vibe with rubber flooring, even if it adds a touch of an industrial feel. If heavy furniture or appliances sit upon rubber flooring, it is able to stand the pressure and the test of time. Rubber flooring will look very modern whether it’s installed in the living room and/or kitchen. When working with your flooring expert, you can look at different options and decide what will best complement your home.

Other Spaces

A laundry room is also a perfect space for rubber flooring for a couple of reasons. Your heavy appliances will sit on this flooring, and you won’t have to worry about the wear and tear, and in case there is any water spillage, your flooring will not be damaged. If your laundry room is also combined with a mudroom, dirty shoes at the entryway won’t be an issue. A quick mop on these floors, and they’re back to normal. With the right colors, this space can look bright and welcoming, or if necessary, darker shades are available to mask dirt and debris from the outdoors.

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