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Unique Hardwood Patterns from Chevron to Herringbone

Among the many great things about hardwood flooring is the number of options. You can pick the individual species of wood, the shade of the finish, and you can even pick the pattern of the wood as well. 

The Best Unique Hardwood Floor Patterns

What Does a Hardwood Floor Pattern Look Like?

When we talk about floor patterns, it’s not like laminate flooring where the pattern is a part of the floor’s surface. The pattern actually refers to the way the individual planks are installed in such a way they create a pattern. The most common way for hardwood flooring to be installed is with planks of a uniform height and width installed one next to the other, one after another. It’s been the standard for homes for centuries, mainly because it’s the easiest to install and reliable. Plus, you don’t have to worry about complicated designs distracting the eye or not complementing other designs in the room. It’s function over form, which makes it timeless. 

Another common design you might have seen without even recognizing it, is a diagonal pattern, running from one corner to the other. This is a popular layout style for outdoor patios and decks. Using planks of a random width is a nice way to add visual diversity to the room, although you do run the risk of leaving gaps, which could lead to mold problems down the line, especially on outdoor surfaces. However, a qualified contractor can mitigate these issues with proper installation and maintenance. 

Parquet Flooring: A Unique Layout Option

Of course installing the floor to create a pattern isn’t the only way to achieve such results. Parquet flooring patterns are created through the use of small tiles. Due to their smaller size, more intense and interesting geometric shapes can be created, especially compared to traditional hardwood planks.  Unlike many similar laminate flooring products, parquet tiles are still usually hardwood but installed in a different manner, as it utilizes a system similar to how plank flooring is installed. 

Parquet flooring isn’t as popular as it used to be, due to other economical flooring options, such as vinyl flooring, rising in prominence. Parquet flooring is also a bold look and doesn’t necessarily flow with every room design. It’s a wonderful option if you can maintain the floors with proper care and ensure that your home never gets too humid. Otherwise, moisture can damage the flooring, which could be an issue for homes in Nashville not ready for the upkeep.  

Herringbone and Chevron

These are two popular styles that can be recreated in either solid hardwood flooring or by using parquet files, but they’re guaranteed to add a sense of elegance to any room they’re installed in. Herringbone is styled after the bone structure of the herring fish, and consists of interlocking planks. Chevron stems from a French tradition and is reminiscent of flooring designs you’d see in France. 

Both styles of flooring display motion and flow better than others, making them ideal for places that might feel stagnant. It might not be ideal for every room in your home or office, since it can be a bit busy over time, but either pattern is sure to make the room unique.

There are more flooring patterns available than you ever imagined. With choices that include parquet flooring patterns, chevron and herringbone, talking to one of the professionals here at Ozburn-Hessey is something you want to get started on earlier than later!

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