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Sounds Good to Me: Acoustic Ceilings in your Home

It seems like everyone in Nashville is some kind of musician or other creative type. It makes for a nice, culturally diverse city, filled with the kind of quality, local entertainment that only a city as unique as Nashville can provide. Unfortunately, that means there is a decent amount of noise pollution. And while we would never want to get rid of that (mostly) joyful noise, there are some steps you can take to make sure your home isn’t contributing to the problem, most notably acoustic drop ceilings.  Most people are probably going to want something else in their homes when it comes to ceilings. Ceiling panels will conjure up memories of being stuck in an office building after 5 pm on a Friday, or the hours spent staring at the ceiling during high school. But there are a lot of tastefully done ceiling options that get the job done without making your new home look like an office.

Bouncing across the home

When it comes to sound and noise pollution, the issue isn’t so much sound waves make their way through the walls and ceilings (although there is some of that), but moreso the sound waves bouncing around. Much in the same way that radio waves bouncing off the ionosphere can carry radio stations all across the world, sound waves bouncing through your home can make it seem a lot louder than it actually is. Luckily, this is where the ceiling tiles come in. Your basic, average ceiling tiles are going to cut down on sound by as much as 55 percent, making it perfect for the quiet room you want to go to get away, or a bedroom. For more sound intensive rooms, such as the basement where your son is busy working on making it big or in a TV room, higher performance ceiling tiles will cut down on sound up to 70 percent.

Of course to the uninformed, there are a whole host of other concerns, like mold and spacing issues. They shouldn’t be, though. For people who are worried about the amount of germs and bacteria that might get caught in the ceiling tiles, worry not, because most ceiling manufacturers treat their products with antibacterials to cut down on the spread of germs. As for spacing concerns, most drop in ceilings require about 3 feet of spacing, not the 6 to 8 feet you might expect.

Great for your Home, and the Environment

While all of that sounds nice and good, as with any building or remodeling project, there is the worry about the environment. We at Ozburn-Hessey believe that you shouldn’t have to choose between doing something green and doing something that looks nice, which is why we partner with companies like Armstrong Ceiling Solutions, which converts old ceiling tiles to new ones in its Ceiling-2-Ceiling program.

At the end of the day, you want something that looks nice, helps reduce the sound and noise pollution in your home and is great for the environment. Acoustic Ceilings are the way to go, and while they literally are a snap to install, not everyone is a handyman, which is why we at Osburn-Hessey are here to help. Contact us today and let’s get started!

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