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Choosing the Best Flooring Options for a Rental Home

Ozburn-Hessey installs a lot of flooring for a lot of different purposes. One of the most common flooring installation jobs we perform is for rental properties. If you are a landlord, it’s important to maximize your profit and cash flow, while still providing your tenants with a house that is clean, safe and reliable. You also want to make sure that whatever flooring option you choose is affordable, while still being attractive enough to draw in the best tenants. Finally, flooring options for rentals must be long-lasting. No landlord wants to replace or refinish the floor of a rental property, at least in the near future.

With these requirements in place, landlords demand quite a lot from rental home flooring options! Fortunately, the industry provides a number of options that may suffice. Here are some of the best and most highly-recommended by the folks at Ozburn-Hessey.

Hardwood – Hardwood is not normally associated with rental properties, but it does have its applications. Oak hardwood flooring may be pricey, but it’s a stunning addition to a high-end rental property. If you’re looking for reliable tenants who will treat your home with care, hardwood flooring can send the right message. What’s more, hardwood flooring can be refinished many times. Engineered hardwood is harder and less prone to warping. Ozburn-Hessey can listen to your requirements and help you decide which hardwood variety is best for you.

Linoleum Flooring – Linoleum flooring is an interesting product, once passé and now re-entering relevance. Linoleum is an entirely natural product made from oils, fibers and other materials. It is biodegradable but long-lasting. Linoleum regularly lasts four decades or more with care. It’s easy to clean, anti-bacterial, and affordable. It can be gouged in accidents or under reckless care, but is generally idiot-proof when it comes to maintenance. Ozburn-Hessey can help you find the right colors, patterns and locations for linoleum, whether you want to outfit your kitchen or the entire house.

Vinyl Flooring – Vinyl flooring and vinyl plank flooring are great ways to mimic the look and feel of hardwood, without the cost and upkeep. Vinyl is virtually indestructible. It holds up well under shoes, spills, dirt, pet nails and all-around abuse. If you know anything about rental properties, you know that tenants can take their toll on floors. Vinyl comes in a wide range of varieties and costs. Ozburn-Hessey can help you find the best one for you and your rental home.

Landlords have a tough task when it comes to choosing flooring for rental homes. You don’t want to pay too much, but you don’t want a flooring material that will require maintenance and early replacement. Fortunately, there are options at several price points which will bear up heartily beneath the brunt of rental tenants. Well-chosen flooring in a rental property will help you sleep better at night, and will help preserve your equity while the rental checks keep flowing in month after month. Make renting your home a dream with well-chosen flooring, and the help and installation of Ozburn-Hessey.

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