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Two Types of Flooring that Never Go Out of Style

It’s no secret that interior design is a huge factor in floor installation. We see many people choosing floors for their commercial or residential space that align with all kinds of trends. Bold colors and a rustic look are just a couple of these popular trends we’ve seen throughout Nashville. Same goes for acoustical ceilings! Open ceilings that convey an industrial look or acoustical ceilings with wood paneling are popular choices. But what are some flooring options that never seem to go out of style and don’t follow a current trend? After all, your new floors can be a big commitment and you want to make sure you love them for years to come! Here are two floors that are tried and true options and will never go out of style:

What settings benefit from carpet? Carpet is good for just about any type of setting. All types of carpet and fibers are available for residential and commercial spaces. This is why this type of floor installation is a home run. You can do carpet floor installation for bedrooms, offices, museums, hotels and so much more!

Why does carpet never go out of style? It never goes out of style because it’s a comfortable and affordable floor that can look great in any type of interior design. Another reason is because people tend to choose neutral colors. Using neutral colors allows the carpet to take a back seat to other interior design features. Having neutral carpets is always a great way to ensure you’ll love your floors for many years without it going out of style.

What settings benefit from hardwood? Hardwoods are great types of floors for all kinds of spaces. Residential spaces utilize hardwood more than commercial settings because it can be a long-term investment and can increase the property value of a Nashville home. And though Ozburn-Hessey doesn’t offer hardwood installation services for commercial spaces, there are a variety of flooring options that mimic hardwood such as linoleum that can be implemented in a commercial setting. Popular spaces for commercial settings include museums, restaurants and corporate offices.

Why do hardwoods never go out of style? Hardwoods are classic assets to your interior design. They not only last for years but they’re eye-catching in just about every space we install them. Hardwoods, like carpets, are versatile. You can add a rug for a pop of color or refinish the floors for a revitalized look in your home.

Obviously when it comes to floor installation, we love adding color and trendy elements, but we also understand the need for something that never goes out of style. And the best part? Ozburn-Hessey can install them for you! With years of experience in the floor installation industry, our team of experts can guide you to great floors that you’ll love. In addition to carpet and hardwood, our floor installation services for residential and commercial range from rubber to LVT to cork flooring. In addition, we also offer acoustical ceiling installation. Interested in learning more? Contact our flooring experts today!

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