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3 Reasons Why You Should Install Vinyl or Rubber Flooring Before School Starts

If you run or teach at a school in the Nashville area, we hope you are enjoying the time off. It’s summer, after all! But an educator’s job is never really done is it? Even if you don’t have children in the classroom, you are still preparing for the new students, cleaning classrooms and getting lesson plans ready for the upcoming year. The remodeling or updates in the school is also completed during the summer, which is why getting the Ozburn-Hessey crew out to complete the work now is a great idea! Let’s get the schools in tip-top shape for fall.

Not sure if you need new floors? Consider this — are your carpets or other floors looking drabby from years of children playing and learning on them? If so, get new floors! The amount of flooring options these days are endless; not to mention they withstand years and years of wear and tear. There’s really no better time to get new floors than this summer. Not convinced? Well, here are three great reasons why vinyl and rubber flooring are fantastic options for your school’s floor.

Easy to maintain
You are an educator. You have enough on your plate. The last thing you need to do is worry about the clean-up of and maintenance of your floors. And even if you hire clean-up crews for your schools, trust us when we say that they will thank you. They have so much to clean up as it is, having floors that are easy to maintain and keep clean will be a great relief. Aside from cleaning vinyl or rubber, the floors are typically easy to repair as well. We all know children can be a little rough on surfaces. If they somehow damage these durable floors, the repair process is simple.

All schools have a budget. Whether you are a private school, public school or a neighborhood daycare center, our team knows that cost is a crucial factor in choosing floors. But have no fear! Vinyl and rubber flooring is cost-friendly and definitely doesn’t hurt the wallet. And while this type of floor installation is cost effective, it also looks great. Rest assured that you are not giving up looks for cost. You can have both! Affordable and stylish flooring for your classroom is available. All you have to do is call us!

Maybe vinyl flooring used to have a bad rap, but that is no longer the case! Vinyl and rubber both have developed significantly with a variety of options, including texture and color. For many floor installation projects, vinyl is luxurious! It truly does not matter what your school colors are or what your building looks like, there is a vinyl or rubber flooring option for you. With our team of experts, your floors will only look phenomenal.

It might be summer now, but it will be back to school season before you know it! Don’t let the warmer months get the best of you. If you need new floors, and vinyl and rubber flooring specifically, don’t hesitate to call Ozburn-Hessey for your floor installation needs. It’s already July so get your name in the books now to get floors for the new school year. For more information about our floor installation services including vinyl, linoleum and carpet, contact us today!

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