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Summer School Renovations: Choosing the Right Flooring for Schools and Universities

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Flooring renovations and installations can be time-consuming in large spaces like schools and universities. Fortunately, summer break gives you the opportunity to plan flooring work around a school’s busy schedule. Before you get to work, however, you want to make sure you select the right floors for your space.

Choosing the Right Flooring for Schools and Universities

Restoring Hardwoods in a School

Many schools benefit from hardwood flooring’s many practical uses in areas like gymnasiums and auditoriums. While these rooms have a primary use case, schools often use gyms as cafeterias and even classrooms. As a result of such versatility, these multipurpose activities can really do a number on hardwood flooring. Restoring and refinishing hardwood flooring in a school or university should be a part of regularly scheduled maintenance for the district. Fortunately, hardwood is durable, meaning your school won’t need refinishing every summer. 

What happens to hardwoods during refinishing? In gyms and other spaces where painting is called for, the first step is removing the lines and other markings. University flooring can have many colors of paint, and proper removal and reapplication ensures that wood isn’t stained or damaged. Floors are then sanded, removing the layers of lacquer and stains or oils that have been applied to the wood. Once the wood is sanded smooth, stains and oils can be reapplied. After that, it’s a matter of sealing the wood with finish. There are different types of finishes that can be used on gym or auditorium hardwood flooring, and gloss matters. Highly reflective, glossy flooring usually works in gyms, but if you’re looking for a more rustic style, the less gloss, the better. Gyms see use all year round, so figuring out the best time to refinish a gym floor can be tricky. Summer is usually the best option, because while activities are still going on, many indoor sports are done until school resumes in the fall. No matter what flooring for schools you’re looking to install, the summer is your best bet. 

Installing New Flooring Over Summer Vacation

School and university flooring needs to be durable but comfortable. That’s why many schools choose to install carpeting in offices and other common areas. Carpet floor tiles for schools are easy and quick to install for trained professionals, and they offer a great deal of customizability and simple maintenance. Carpet tiles can be made of stain-resistant fibers and treated to resist spills. Another benefit of carpet tiles when it comes to damage from spills is how easy it is to remove a tile and replace it. Tiles are placed with adhesive, but they can be removed if necessary, making repairs seamless and easy. Carpeting also makes great flooring for universities in dorms and offices. Taking advantage of the downtime during the summer break can ensure that the disruption from commercial flooring installation is kept to a minimum. 

So, what kind of flooring is best for schools? The answer is fairly complex. Hardwood and carpeting don’t work for every situation, but there are more versatile options. For affordable, durable flooring, you can’t beat vinyl. Vinyl flooring is very strong against heavy foot traffic and is waterproof, too. Rubber flooring is also a great choice for weight rooms and even cafeteria kitchens, where traction and softness matter. 

No matter your flooring needs in your school or university, if you’re looking for professional installation over the summer break, look no further than Ozburn-Hessey. Give us a call today to learn how our team of experts can help you quickly and efficiently install or refinish any type of flooring.

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