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Things to Consider When Installing Commercial Carpet

Redecorating can mean overwhelming projects, but having floors installed should not be one of them. First, narrow down the type of floors you want. Do you want carpet, hardwood or linoleum? If you’ve narrowed it down to commercial carpet, then it’s time to narrow it down even further. Several different factors should be considered when you’re picking out the carpet for your floor installation. Using the three considerations below, you can easily dwindle down the plethora of choices to an exact commercial carpet that works for you and your business.

Consider the tone of the room. The tone of the room will dictate the color, pattern and type of commercial carpet you want to choose from. If you run a law firm or other professional business office, you might want to look at neutral colors and simple patterns. If you are looking to install commercial carpet in a hotel or a swanky restaurant in Downtown Nashville, bolder carpets might be a better choice for your floor installation. Make sure you have an idea of the tone of your business or the other interior decorations you would like to incorporate before choosing your flooring. This will make your decision much easier in the long run.

Consider your budget. Sometimes you need to set a strict guideline for yourself. Having a budget can do that for you. Consider the amount of money you’re willing to spend on the floors and go from there. And don’t worry, having a strict budget does not mean you will not get what you want. Our large catalogue of vendors have a variety of commercial carpets (and other floors) available at all price points, colors, fibers and patterns. You can feel great knowing that you are getting quality carpets you love for an affordable price. (And without the hassle of weeding through tons and tons of flooring options at prices you can’t afford.)

Consider the use of the room. What is the room primarily going to be used for? Is there going to be a lot of foot traffic? Will the carpet receive regular maintenance or just when needed? These are questions to ask yourself when choosing a carpet. If the commercial space will get a lot of visitors, you will want a durable carpet. If the carpet is more susceptible to damage (spilled food, drink or outside elements) you will need a carpet that’s tough against dirt and grim.  Understanding and acknowledging the purpose of the room will help narrow down carpets significantly and give you a list of options you know will work best for you.

We, at Ozburn-Hessey, know how daunting floor installation can be. That’s why it is so important for us to work closely with our clients and make this a fun and enjoyable experience. If you begin the floor installation process with the three factors above in mind, you’ll be setting yourself up for success. Our team of experienced and licensed professionals will install your commercial carpet and is always available to answer your questions along the way. Not sure where to begin? Contact a team member today to discuss your flooring installation options. We can assist you in both residential and commercial floor installation using a variety of materials (hardwood, carpet and linoleum). Call us today for more information!

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