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How to Get Custom Home Features with Ozburn-Hessey

Your home is your sanctuary. Each room is a reflection of you, the life you live and the things and people you love. Many times Nashville residents use neutral materials in their homes to ensure the space is versatile, but you don’t have to! Ozburn-Hessey will take care of your ceiling and floor installations for your home, all while making the job a reflection of your personality and taste. There are so many ways to use customization your home using different features that include your floors and your ceiling. Here are just three ways to get custom home features with Ozburn-Hessey:

Acoustical ceiling in your home theater: One of the coolest features a home can have is a home theater! Home theaters are not only great for those much-needed family nights, but they also show off your love for cinema. Acoustical ceilings are great additions to this room. The ceilings improve the sound quality of the film — a huge asset to a movie buff! Another selling point? Acoustical ceilings maintain sound control in the room, which keeps it from billowing out into other areas of the home. This is important if you do not want to disturb other family members.

Recycled hardwoods for living spaces: Using refurbished or recycled materials for homes and businesses is a very popular trend in the Nashville area. With Good Wood’s help, Ozburn-Hessey has installed hundreds of square feet of hardwood made from reclaimed barns and old buildings. This same idea can be brought from a commercial space to a residential one. What better way to customize an area of your home than to use reclaimed hardwood floors? Install the hardwood in your living or dining room areas and you’ll have yourself a great talking point for a lifetime of dinner parties.

Cork flooring for playrooms or recreational areas: Playrooms and game rooms are common in households, but what’s a great type of flooring that we could use instead of a traditional carpet? Cork flooring! These types of floors are perfect for rooms where children frequently run and play. They’re safe in case a child falls, comfortable to crawl around on and they’re resilient against all kinds of damage. And to top it off, cork flooring is a natural insulator keeping the floors warm for the bare-footed children.

People invest a lot in their home and that doesn’t stop when it comes to their floors or ceilings. Whether you need acoustical ceilings or a floor installation, Ozburn-Hessey can make it happen. The choices are endless! Want more information about Ozburn-Hessey’s flooring and ceiling? Contact them today!

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