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Three New Year’s Resolutions with Ozburn-Hessey

Every new year means new resolutions. Losing weight, saving money and eating better are all common goals people make this month. And though these are great goals, sometimes it’s necessary to think a little outside the box and make resolutions that would make your home or business better. And what better way to do that than to make a resolution with Ozburn-Hessey? Whether it’s for your hardwood floor installation or new acoustical ceilings, the team can help! Here are just a few resolutions involving your floors or ceilings to think about for the new year.

Refinish your hardwoods — Do you have old hardwoods that just don’t shine like they use to? Fix them with a refinishing job and Ozburn-Hessey. They will sand down and reseal your floors making them look as if you just installed them yesterday. Hardwood flooring can last for years, but only if you take care of them properly and refinishing the floors is a great way to do just that! Don’t have hardwoods but interested in getting some? Ozburn-Hessey can help with that too! All types of hardwoods, colors and products are available.  

Clean floors often — This is an easy task but it can be a hard resolution to follow through on if you don’t stick to a schedule. Cleaning your carpet or hardwood floors frequently not only improves their life but also keeps your home or commercial space looking great all the time. And while simple sweeping or vacuuming is important to do regularly, deep cleaning is also important to keep your carpet or hardwood looking fabulous for years to come. 

Install acoustical ceilings — Ozburn-Hessey doesn’t just take care of all Nashville’s flooring needs. They can also install acoustical ceilings for Nashvillians! It’s a great way to start off the new year with a brand new look in your music venue or other commercial space. If you’re interested in acoustical ceilings but don’t think you have the budget right after the holidays, make a resolution to save up! This idea works especially if you’ve already made a resolution to budget your money better. Call Ozburn-Hessey and they can discuss with you the best options for pricing based on your budget.

New Year’s resolutions can sometimes get old. Spice them up with your floors and Ozburn-Hessey. Whether you want to save for a new acoustical ceiling or floor installation, or you just want to be better about cleaning your floors, Ozburn-Hessey can give you tips for it all. Interested in learning more about hardwood refinishing, floor installation (for carpet or other materials) or acoustical ceilings? Contact a representative at Ozburn-Hessey today for more information.

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