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Carpet This, Not That! A Guide to Carpeting your Space

Carpet is arguably the most popular type of flooring out there. It’s comfortable, sound resistant and inexpensive. In addition, it looks great! With that said, it’s important to acknowledge when carpet may not be the best bet for areas in your commercial space or home. Yes, carpet can be tough against stains and traffic, especially commercial carpet. But sometimes it just isn’t logical. Here is a quick guide to what areas in your commercial or residential space should be carpeted and areas that should not:


Stairways — Carpet! Look, stairways can be dangerous if they don’t have good flooring. Carpet is a great way to improve the safety of your stairs. It avoids people from slipping and falling and it’s comfortable underneath your feet. That way you can put your mind at ease if your family or staff take the stairs a bit too quickly in a hurry.

Bathrooms — Don’t Carpet! Carpet might’ve been a great choice for bathroom flooring years ago, but it’s just not smart for most cases! You need floors in your bathrooms that can withstand water, which is where linoleum or vinyl comes in. Using linoleum as your bathroom flooring is great for withstanding the wear and tear of the restrooms.

Entryways — Don’t Carpet! Your entryway is the first to receive the elements from outside. Rain, mud, leaves and other components all come into play when you first walk in the door. That’s why carpet isn’t the best choice for your entryways. Like restrooms, linoleum and vinyl are great choices for these areas in your commercial space or your home. With that said, door mats are great to have before you enter an entryway, and some of these can be made of carpet or other similar materials.

Hallways — Carpet! Hallways are great areas in your business or home to have carpet floors. They are typically the most trafficked areas in the building, which makes it a great reason to choose the floor installation. Because it gets the most traffic, the hallways are often areas with a lot of noise. This can be distracting if you’re working. But having carpet in the hallways reduces sound, and it is comfortable to walk on (especially if you wear high heels). Of course if you have linoleum or hardwoods in your hallways that you love (or you don’t want to go through a floor installation), using a carpeted rug along the hallways does the job too!

Carpet is a great choice of floor installation for a variety of reasons, and they are great for all kinds of areas in your home or commercial space. There are some instances though they may not be the best option for flooring. If you are interested in learning more about residential and commercial carpet, or other flooring (such as linoleum), give Ozburn-Hessey a call today!

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