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Six Floors to Try in 2016

We don’t know about you, but 2015 has been a great year in Nashville! With new restaurants and attractions popping up all over the area, commercial flooring has never been better. And while we say goodbye to a prosperous year, we look forward to all that 2016 has to offer. And with the new year comes new possibilities, including your commercial flooring. Are you looking to install new commercial or residential floors in the new year? Well, look no further! Ozburn-Hessey has all your floor installation needs and six great recommendations for floors to try in 2016:


  1. Cork — This type of floor installation is unique and earth-friendly. Did you know this type of flooring is a byproduct of cork stoppers for wine? In addition, it’s comfortable and safe for heavy traffic.

  2. Rubber — Floors made out of rubber are a great candidate if you’re looking for something comfortable and durable. In addition, rubber is hygienic and slip resistance. This type of flooring is a great floor installation option for hospitals and schools but can also be used for all kinds of commercial spaces!

  3. Hardwood — Hardwood flooring is always a great choice when choosing new floors. It’s a classic for a reason, after all! If you’ve never had the pleasure of owning hardwood floors, it’s time to finally get the flooring installation started!

  4. Laminate — Laminate or linoleum is an incredibly popular choice for commercial spaces (and residential too). They’re resilient, attractive and affordable — a no-brainer! If you’ve never tried laminate floors in your commercial space, call Ozburn-Hessey to get an estimate!

  5. Carpet — Just like hardwoods, carpet is a classic choice for any commercial or residential floor. They aid in sound control and comfort as well as look great in every type of space. Ozburn-Hessey has a variety of carpet options for all commercial spaces that can fit both your taste and budget.

  6. Acoustical Ceiling — OK, OK, so technically this isn’t a floor, but it’s a great choice if you’re in the market for new ceilings! Acoustical ceilings not only look great but they also improve sound quality of the room. Both are important factors for many businesses right here in Music City!

It’s almost a new year and that means it’s time for a change! Ozburn-Hessey has a variety of flooring options for any type of commercial or residential space. From carpet to rubber floors to linoleum, the ideas are endless! Want more info on the floors mentioned above? Contact Ozburn-Hessey today for a consultation! !


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