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Earth-Friendly Floor Trends for Ozburn-Hessey

A popular question Ozburn-Hessey gets about floor installation is what options are available for trendy and earth-friendly homes and offices. We understand and appreciate Nashville’s desire to be eco-friendly and the team works hard to make sure the floors and ceilings they install are eco-friendly and recyclable. Floors that are environment-friendly not only benefit the world around us, but they typically can be great for cutting cost as well as other incentives. There are a variety of floor options that fit your eco-friendly specifications, but are also budget friendly and look great in your residential or commercial space. Here are a few flooring options for earth-friendly spaces:

Cork flooring — Cork flooring is the only flooring that is made from a renewable source making it incredibly earth-friendly. In addition, there is little to no waste when producing the floorings because it’s a byproduct of cork stoppers for wine bottles. There are other benefits to installing cork flooring as well. The floors are durable and safe, which keeps the flooring beautiful and easy to maintain for many years to come. In addition, the flooring is comfortable making it a great choice for commercial spaces where employees do a lot of walking and other activities.

Repurposed hardwood — Oftentimes hardwood is not seen as an eco-friendly type of floor, but it definitely can be if done right! And that’s what repurposed hardwood does! Reclaimed hardwood from old barns and other neglected areas are great materials to use for your own hardwood installation. Ozburn-Hessey works with Good Wood Nashville that does exactly that — use reclaimed wood from old lumber to create beautiful hardwood flooring that Ozburn-Hessey can then install in your commercial or residential space. 

Linoleum — Linoleum is a biodegradable and all natural product making it a great choice for your floors. Linoleum floors come in all patterns and colors giving customers all kinds of possibilities for their own floor installation. In addition, linoleum is affordable and durable flooring making the appeal of this earth-friendly material skyrocket.

These are just a few of the many earth-friendly options for floors. And what’s even better? Ozburn-Hessey makes it worth the investment! Always here to work with your schedule and your needs, Ozburn-Hessey will ensure you’re getting the best bang for your buck while giving you the best eco-friendly floors you can find. And did you know you can recycle your existing floors too? For more information about recycling floors or installation of hardwoods and other flooring options, call Ozburn-Hessey today!

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