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It Doesn’t End in Installation: Caring for your Floors

One of the key components to floor installation is the maintenance afterward. Some floors require little maintenance, while others require more frequent upkeep — but they all need some care to look their best. Just like your car, floors require care even after installation is complete. Regular floor maintenance, deep cleans and repairs are all necessary to keep your carpet, hardwood and other floors looking shiny and new. Here are a few components to consider after you get new floors:

Regular Maintenance — Regular maintenance consists of simple tasks such as sweeping, vacuuming and spot cleaning. You can do this as often as once a day or every couple weeks — as long as it’s done regularly. Many floors, like JJ Kinetex for example, doesn’t require a lot of floor maintenance. That is one of its many appeals, but that doesn’t mean it should be ignored completely. It doesn’t matter if you have hardwood or carpet, keeping up with regular maintenance will keep your floors looking fresh and avoid permanent damage to the floor itself.  

Occasional Deep Clean — This can be done less regularly, but it’s an important task in making sure your floors last years. The Hot Water Extraction method is great for carpet, while buffing and waxing is necessary for hardwoods and other hard floors. Just like spring cleaning, an occasional deep clean makes an entire room feel fresh and beautiful. All types of deep clean methods can be obtained easily within the Middle Tennessee area. Need recommendations? Ozburn-Hessey can give you suggestions.

Repairs — Ignoring even the simplest of repairs can cause permanent damage in your floor, thus decreasing the overall life of your flooring. Some floor repairs can be completed without a professional; some not. But whatever the case, caring for the repairs will not only increase your floor’s lifespan but also avoid any potential falling hazards.

Caring for your floors doesn’t end with installation. To keep them looking their best, floor maintenance is key no matter the type of flooring you might have. Have questions? Ozburn-Hessey will run through maintenance details with you if you’re unsure. Interested in learning more about floor installation and products? Contact Ozburn-Hessey in Nashville,TN today for a consultation!

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