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Product Spotlight: JJ Kinetex

Have you ever asked flooring companies if they can install a type of floor that has the benefits of carpet but the durability of vinyl tiles? Well, now there is a material that does exactly that — and Ozburn-Hessey can install it for you if you live within the Nashville or Middle Tennessee area. Kinetex is an innovative product that ties together the materials that work best in commercial settings. Daycares, schools, dining rooms and break rooms are all great spaces for this type of floor installation. Now you don’t have to choose between the comfort of commercial carpet and the practicality of commercial vinyl. Here are other benefits to using Kinetex for your floors:

Durability — This type of floors have been tested on over 5 million foot traffic events. That means a lot of people have walked on these floors, and they’ve held their own. Commercial carpet definitely can’t take that much foot traffic.

Acoustics — Kinetex provides the acoustic qualities that many schools and daycares want in their floors. While commercial vinyl tiles can’t provide sound absorption and other acoustic benefits, Kinetex can. No more dealing with large area rugs that just end up being more hassle than they’re worth!

Maintenance — One of the best things about this type of flooring is it’s stain and bleach resistant. In addition, the cleaning benefits are much easier and quicker than traditional hard-flooring. There is no need to strip and wax like commercial vinyl flooring. All it takes is vacuuming, encapsulation or hot water extraction (for deep stains).  

Health and Safety — For many commercial spaces, health and safety are crucial components no matter what flooring companies are installing. Not only does Kinetex minimizes airborne allergens and is easy to sanitize, but it’s also slip resistant. Rest assured your floor clean, and reduces falls to keep you safe.

If you want the comfort of commercial carpet and the durability of commercial vinyl flooring, you can have both easily with Ozburn-Hessey’s help! Kinetex is a beautiful alternative to both types of floors. Floor installation can be easy and stress-free. Got questions about Kinetex? Visit their website or call Ozburn-Hessey today for more information.

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