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Daylight Savings Time = Time to Clean Your Floors

We don’t know about you, but this year is flying by! We’ve already passed Halloween and Daylight Savings Time and we’re busily preparing for Thanksgiving festivities. We all have a million things to check off our to-do list, especially as the holidays begin, but don’t let your floors take the back-burner when dealing with everything else! Need a reminder? Use Daylight Savings Time as an alarm to deep clean all your floors — both hardwood and carpet. That way your floors look great for the holidays, and it keeps the hardwood and/or carpet healthy and clean.

If you’re cleaning hardwood: It’s important to clean your hardwood about once a week with a mop. A deep, more thorough cleaning is necessary less often but it’s critical to keeping your hardwoods looking as good as new! One of the most common ways to clean hardwood is to take a cup of vinegar mixed with a gallon of water to remove dirt, grime and build-up.

If you’re cleaning carpets: Just like hardwood, carpet needs a deep clean every once in a while to remove surface stains, allergens and other dirt. Using a hot water extraction method, cleaning can be done in a cinch. Not only will hot water extraction cleaning make your flooring look beautiful, but it will preserve the life of the carpet.

Cleaning is one of the many necessary evils, but doing it ensures longevity in many products, including floor installation. While surface cleaning can be taken care of quickly and more often, a deeper clean should be done too. When it’s time to “fall back” or “spring forward” take the time to make sure your flooring is ready for action. Have more questions or interested in discussing floor installation within the Middle Tennessee area? Call Ozburn-Hessey today to schedule a consultation.

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