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Carpet Cleaning: Hot Water Extraction x Bonnet Method

We have already touched a little on having your floors, including your carpets, cleaned. This is an important maintenance chore any home or business owner needs to do to keep their floors beautiful and like new. But how do you know what kind of carpet cleaning is best for your Nashville home or business? While carpet cleaning might seem all the same, Ozburn-Hessey can assure you it is not. If you are going to spend quality time and money for floor installation, do your research before booking a cleaning. 

It is safe to say that most manufacturers Ozburn-Hessey deals with on a regular basis recommend hot water extraction over the bonnet method for your carpet cleaning. In addition, an increasing amount of homeowners’ warranties are starting to look at HWE as the sole method of carpet cleaning for your floors.  Don’t know the difference? Let us explain:

Hot Water Extraction facts:

  • Also called “steam cleaning,” but really no steam is actually involved.
  • It is considered to be the primary method for carpet cleaning companies.
  • The combination of hot water and pressure breaks up soil, stains and dirt and vacuums it up leaving your carpet as good as new. 

Bonnet Method facts:

  • The bonnet method can also be called spin pad, absorbent pad, carbonated shampoo cleaning or tip cleaning. 
  • The bonnet machines can work as fast, from 175-300 rpms on its rotary machine. 
  • The machine resembles a flooring buffer. 

All this to say, the HWE is the preferred method to use for your flooring. The bonnet method can destroy your carpet rather than help it because of its aggressive cleaning method. For example, some companies have found that the higher the rpms in the rotary machines, the more damage it could potentially do to the carpets. 

In addition, many people have found that it does not clean flooring as well as hot water extraction, because it is only cleans the surface.  This is why many have found that hot water extraction is better for those suffering from allergies.  For additional information about carpet cleaning or floor installation in the Nashville or Middle Tennessee area, contact the Ozburn-Hessey team. They can point you in the right direction. 

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