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Keep Your Carpet & Hardwood Floors Allergy Free in Tennessee

We already understand the myths behind carpet and allergies. But we also understand that Nashville is infested with all kinds of pollen, dust and dander – an allergy-sufferer’s worst nightmare. Though your flooring is a small source of pollen and other allergens, there are a few simple steps that you can take to decrease your risks of an attack for any type of flooring. 

Carpet — 

  • Vacuum often. This can’t be stressed enough. This keeps the surface the carpet clean and anything you trek in from the outside swept up. 

  • Deep clean on a regular basis. This is always a good idea for carpets and any floor installation for to ensure any and dirt and dander is swept up. Please note the best method for a deep clean for your carpet is hot water extraction. Shampooing can often leave residues after cleaning. 

Hardwood and other hard floors — 

  • Sweep often. Just like carpet, clean the surface of hardwood from dust and pollen. Hardwood and other hard surface floors are very susceptible to dust bunnies and other allergy monsters. To avoid sneezing and watery eyes, a broom can be your friend. 

The best solution for floors and allergies it to keep them well maintained and cleaned. Though allergens do not come directly from your carpet or hardwood, it never hurts to keep them clean! Ozburn-Hessey is always willing to help customers pick out flooring who need to be careful of allergens. If you have questions and you are interested in floor installation, call an Ozburn- Hessey representative today!

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