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Carpet vs. Hardwood in Middle Tennessee: Compare and Contrast

When picking out flooring for your commercial business, sometimes you just need to compare and contrast your different options. What are the differences? What are the pros and cons of each? Sometimes, it comes down to a simple list. Make a list of specs you need for the flooring and then see which material matches work best for you.

Carpet is great for hotels in Downtown Nashville, restaurants in Midtown, shops and many other venues. Not only does carpet come in an array of materials, but it also comes in a variety of patterns and colors that will match the ambiance of your Nashville business.



  • Cost effective
  • Variety of materials to what you want best
  • Sound absorption


  • Depending on the amount of use, can have much shorter lifespan
  • The effects of wear and tear can be easier to see.
  • Maintenance

Hardwoods portray a completely different type of feeling in a room than carpet — open, wide and elegant. Businesses such as art galleries in Franklin use hardwood flooring in their interior design. Though it’s a bit more expensive on the front-end, the value if evident.



  • Variety of woods and finishes
  • Easy to clean
  • Value


  • Scratching, denting and water damage can be expensive to repair
  • Dust and hair is easy to see
  • Expensive

Both types of flooring are great for different types of reasons. Whether you’re running a high-paced business or a high-end art gallery, choosing what kind of floor to install sometimes can all come down to comparing carpet or hardwood side by side. Ozburn-Hessey is available for consultation and installation questions for both carpet and hardwood flooring at (615) 254-1585 for the Middle Tennessee area.

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