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Revitalizing Nashville’s Historic Buildings With Innovative Flooring Solutions

Historic building in Nashville.

Nashville is a city with a rich history, and its historic buildings are a testament to its resilience and strength. Here’s how Nashville’s historic buildings can find new life with innovative flooring solutions from Ozburn-Hessey

Innovative Flooring Solutions for Revitalizing Nashville’s Historic Buildings

Refinishing Old Floors

Nashville’s historic buildings call for a great deal of upkeep, and flooring is one facet you cannot afford to neglect. Many old buildings have hardwood flooring, as it was the only option for most builders. Sometimes, these hardwoods are hidden under musty old carpeting or outdated linoleum and in dire need of rescue. Hardwood floors are resilient and can last for a long time with the proper upkeep. Refinishing hardwood flooring in Nashville is one of Ozburn-Hessey’s specialties. 

Hardwood provides commercial spaces with excellent acoustics and an inviting, rustic aesthetic. Since many of Nashville’s historic buildings are music venues or retail spaces, keeping your hardwood simply makes sense. The process for refinishing antique hardwoods is not dissimilar from refinishing engineered hardwood, but it does take some more care. DIY is not recommended when updating historic flooring because it’s quite easy for something to go wrong when you’re not experienced in refinishing. Commercial flooring requires expertise, whether it’s a new installation, repairs, or refinishing. 

Given the size, scope, and complexity of many historic buildings, projects can take time. In some buildings, subflooring may need to be installed or repaired before hardwood can be refinished. This is crucial for the safety of a building’s occupants and its overall structure. Refinishing isn’t cheaper than simply covering a floor with carpet, but when you want to keep the character and charm of a historic building (and depending on local regulations, you might not have a choice), there’s no better option. 

Installing Something New

Sometimes, keeping the old flooring just isn’t an option. Whether it’s structurally unsound, rotten, deeply stained, or otherwise damaged, there are occasions when you need to update a historic building’s flooring to something new. When updating old floors, you need to consider more than aesthetic changes. While looks certainly matter in your commercial space, safety is far more important. Working with the experts when installing new flooring in historic buildings in Nashville is going to ensure your flooring is installed efficiently and safely. Years of use or even abandonment can affect the structural integrity of flooring and subflooring, so proper inspection of the current floor is necessary before installing anything new. 

Once the subfloor is repaired or installed, you can focus on making sure you get the exact flooring you need. Many modern flooring options can work well in a rustic space, from luxury vinyl to engineered hardwoods. One of the best ways to modernize a historic space while preserving its rustic heritage is by updating the flooring. Hardwood, vinyl, laminate, and even tile or cork flooring can fit into whatever aesthetic you’re going for in your space. If you’re unsure of what commercial flooring in Nashville works best, don’t worry! Ozburn-Hessey has enhanced countless historic spaces with contemporary, quality-made flooring. 

Let’s Make History Together

Revitalizing a historic building is a big undertaking, and the pressure to preserve a piece of Nashville’s history is no small task. Work with Ozburn-Hessey on your historic space to ensure your flooring does the building justice.

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