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How to Enhance Office Productivity With Acoustical Ceiling Solutions

Office productivity

Being as productive as possible at work is easier said than done. Eliminating distractions is important, and one of the most overlooked distractions is noise. Here’s how acoustical ceilings can help make your office a more efficient and quiet place. 

How Acoustic Tiles Help Productivity 

An office is a bustling place, where many people all work together toward a common goal. But sometimes, during that work, noise becomes an issue. Whether it’s a neighbor’s clicky keyboard or a slightly loud quarterly meeting, unwanted sounds can travel indoors. 

How does sound affect office productivity? Whether you know it or not, these noises are distractions. The solution isn’t asking everyone to keep it down, because sounds are a natural part of life. Instead, the goal should be preventing the transmission of these sounds from high-volume areas to quiet places and absorbing sounds inside large spaces. That’s where acoustical ceilings come into play for your Nashville office. 

Offices are large, open spaces by necessity, and that’s great for open communication and collaboration. Wide open spaces aren’t great for the acoustics of a space, however. Noise can spread in an open space, causing echoes and even transmitting through ceilings and walls. Acoustic ceiling solutions like acoustic tile ceilings can absorb sound, keeping conversations where they need to be and preventing distractions from impacting productivity. Acoustic ceiling tiles come in a variety of designs and materials. Many people have a negative view of acoustic office ceilings, as some designs are less than aesthetically pleasing. Fortunately, acoustic tiles and suspended ceiling systems come in many forms, and you can find something that works with your interior design. Another benefit of acoustic tiles has nothing to do with sound at all. Suspended ceilings can provide your office with improved temperature regulation, meaning your people are more comfortable, and you’re not overusing your costly office utilities like heat and air conditioning. 

More About Acoustic Ceilings 

Acoustic ceiling tiles are scientifically formulated with different absorption coefficients depending on the amount of noise you’re looking to suppress. As a result, acoustical ceiling tile installation depends on precision to get the most out of these products. It’s always important to work with a contractor you can trust for planning and installation in your office space. 

At Ozburn-Hessey, we have decades of experience working with Armstrong World Industry’s acoustic ceiling products, and we trust this brand. As a certified Armstrong Architectural Specialty contractor, O-H can provide optimal installation and a broad selection of the best products. Once installed, you’ll understand the difference acoustic tile ceilings can make for your office. Cleaning your acoustic ceiling tiles is also important but can be tricky. In order to get the most from your acoustic tiles, they need to be cleaned regularly. You can use mild detergent and a small amount of moisture to remove dust from the tiles. It’s recommended that you have your ceilings professionally cleaned every two years or so to ensure that they’re absorbing sound properly and will last as long as possible. 

Ultimately, your office will be more productive with the installation of acoustic ceiling tiles by the pros at Ozburn-Hessey. If you’re ready to learn more about acoustic tiles and how they impact your office productivity, give us a call today for a free consultation and estimate.

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