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Woman cleaning a hotel room floor.

Hotel flooring is a critical part of the guest experience despite being pretty low on their priority list. Let’s review your options for hotel room flooring in Nashville and determine which choice is the easiest to clean. 

Flooring Options For Hotel Room Floors


Nothing says comfort like carpet. From hotel lobby flooring to the guest rooms, carpet can give customers a feeling of belonging. Carpet delivers unparalleled coziness and support, and it is the most common type of flooring for guest rooms in a hotel. There are many practical reasons hotel operators choose carpet, and some are unexpected. Besides giving guests a homey feeling, carpet is also great for absorbing sound. Sound absorption is extremely important in hotels because it prevents people from feeling too close to others. One of the most common guest complaints is noise from other rooms or the hall interrupting sleep. Carpeting is one of several tools you can use when designing guest rooms to prevent sound transmission and ensure guest satisfaction. When it comes to cleanability, hotel room carpet is possibly the most difficult type of flooring for hotels. Carpet is not great for indoor air quality, meaning you need to clean it regularly to prevent the accumulation of allergens. While carpet can be stain-resistant, we all know that some stains are tough to remove. The best way to keep your hotel carpets clean is frequent vacuuming and regular steaming. This helps preserve the structure and color of the carpet and can keep allergens like dust to a minimum. 


Hardwood hotel flooring is a unique and charming way to deliver rustic, high-quality vibes to your guests. Hardwood floors are an excellent choice for smaller hotels, especially in guest rooms where interior design is a focus. Hardwood can go with practically any design, but modern, trendy aesthetics are almost always focused on hardwood these days. Hardwood floors have some big benefits when compared to carpeting as hotel room flooring—especially hardwood’s hypoallergenic nature. Wood floors are fairly easy to clean and maintain, provided that cleaning and maintenance are done regularly. There are, of course, some downsides to hardwood flooring in a hotel, including durability. While hardwood floors are tough, they can be scratched or gouged by furniture being moved. When you need to clean under beds or have guests who decide the feng shui is off in your room and decide to slide chairs around, scratches can appear. 


So, what is the best material for hotel flooring? Vinyl flooring is growing in popularity in Nashville and across the country as a flooring choice for guest rooms, hotel lobbies, and common areas. There are many reasons to choose vinyl for your hotel flooring. For one, vinyl is a very durable flooring choice, excellent against scratches and even water damage. Vinyl is also cheaper than hardwood, making it a better choice for owners on a budget or for large projects where time is of the essence. Vinyl floors are very easy to clean, and they don’t trap allergens like carpet. With simple, regular cleaning and maintenance, vinyl floors can last for years without losing their best qualities. When it comes to ease of cleaning, vinyl is a clear winner for its simplicity and resiliency. 

The right hotel flooring can be hard to find on your own and even more difficult to install by yourself. Don’t go it alone; work with the pros at Ozburn-Hessey for an easy and affordable experience that will leave you and your guests satisfied.

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