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Will Laminate Floors Last Long in Your Office?

Laminate floors can be an excellent option for commercial offices and home offices. But when durability and lifespan matter most, are laminate floors the right choice for your office?

Explaining Laminate

Laminate flooring is made from wood fiber fused together with synthetic materials and covered with protective layers. It can be made to resemble other types of flooring, but laminate is a cheaper option than wood flooring, which it closely emulates. Laminate’s low price is a huge asset when you need to purchase a lot of flooring for an office building or a home. It comes in many colors and forms and can imitate a wood floor for a fraction of the cost of real hardwood. If you’re in the market for durable office floors, laminate is a great option. Vinyl is a common choice for flooring as well, and when it comes down to laminate vs. vinyl flooring, laminate does come with a few perks. While vinyl is also very durable, it cannot give the appearance or feel of wood nearly as well as laminate. Vinyl also tends to be a bit more expensive than laminate flooring, so laminate remains a great budget pick. In terms of maintenance and cleanability, both choices are easy to keep in great condition. If well maintained, laminate floors can outlast most vinyl flooring options as well, making it a great contender for anyone looking to have a wood look in their home office or commercial office space. 

Will Laminate Floors Last Long in Your Office?

Laminate wood flooring can last anywhere between 15 and 25 years depending on the quality of the product and the care it receives. What constitutes quality care for laminate office floors? Can you keep your office laminate flooring looking pristine on your own? It’s fortunately quite easy to maintain laminate flooring, provided you keep it up. Regularity is key when keeping laminate flooring clean and protected. Sweep or vacuum laminate regularly to keep dirt from scratching the surface of the floor. Mopping often will also help to keep your laminate office floors in great shape. While laminate floors aren’t 100% waterproof, they can put up with moisture. Clean up spills quickly, and ensure that spaces aren’t too humid to make sure your laminate lasts a long time. Laminate floors can withstand a lot of foot traffic, making them great for bustling offices where there’s a lot going on. 

Laminate Office Flooring From Ozburn-Hessey

Laminate floors need to be installed with care, so it’s best to leave the process to the experts. Because the cost of materials is low with laminate, your installation costs should be lower than other flooring types. If you need to have durable flooring installed in your Nashville office quickly and on a budget, you can’t find a better choice than laminate. At Ozburn-Hessey, our installation team has decades of experience and is ready to help you install your office flooring quickly and with care. 

Are you ready to purchase laminate flooring and have it installed in your home or commercial office space? For the best commercial flooring selection and installation, contact the professionals at Ozburn-Hessey.

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