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How to Keep Your Residential Carpets Clean

The carpets in your home provide you with a lot of comfort and support, so it’s only fair you support them in return. Let’s learn more about how to keep your residential carpets clean so they can really last. 

How to Keep Your Residential Carpets Clean

Different Fibers, Different Methods

There are many different varieties of residential carpets, with different fiber types all calling for different care. And it’s not just the styles of carpeting (like cut pile and loop pile) that vary—it’s also the different materials used. Natural carpets using fibers like wool require special care that is quite different from synthetic, polyester carpet fibers. Natural carpet fibers are more susceptible to discoloration when using certain cleaners, so it’s important to use cleaners that aren’t harsh and are designed specifically for natural fibers. Steam cleaning a wool carpet is very different from maintaining synthetics. Wool carpets should be steam cleaned lightly and at lower temperatures than their synthetic counterparts. Synthetic carpet fibers can actually benefit from more regular steam cleanings because the steam helps to revitalize the structure of the fiber, giving it a fuller appearance. 

How Do I Keep My Carpet Looking New? Steam cleaning might be your best bet, provided the carpet is made of synthetic fibers. No matter what your carpet is made of, keeping it clean is easy with good advice. Residential carpet companies like Ozburn-Hessey have a great deal of experience helping customers maintain their carpets, and we can make sure you’re on the right track. 

Invest in a Good Vacuum

Vacuuming isn’t exactly the most fun activity to do around the house, but it’s necessary for maintaining the longevity of your carpet. Vacuuming can also ensure that some of your carpeting’s worst attributes remain under control. Vacuums with high-quality, well-maintained filters can help remove allergens like dust, pollen, and other irritants from carpeting. This means that the air quality in your home will remain excellent, and you don’t have to worry about the sniffles coming from inside the house. 

Residential carpet cleaning services generally offer vacuuming, so if you’ve got the money, it can really help. If you really want a good clean, it’s best to invest in a quality tool or a service that provides it. Regular vacuuming is necessary, so it’s important to keep a good schedule. Allergens and dirt accumulate in rooms even if they don’t get much foot traffic, so don’t neglect the lesser-used areas of your home when it comes to cleaning. 

Dealing With Stains

Accidents happen. Whether it’s pets, children, or a clumsy moment with a colorful beverage, carpets are under threat from everyday life. But we can’t prevent every spill, so knowing what to do when one happens is important. If you want to clean residential carpets in the event of a spill or mess, time is of the essence. No matter what type of carpet you have, stains can happen. Even stain-resistant fibers are not immune to stains, so cleaning up the spill effectively and quickly is pivotal. Soak up the spill completely using towels and blot to make sure the fibers deeper in the carpet are also dry. Don’t rub the spill because that can cause the fibers to be damaged. Test your cleaning solution on a small part of the carpet to ensure it doesn’t cause discoloration. 

If you’re wary of chemical cleaners, you can make your own stain-removal detergent at home with relative ease. Usually, these call for white vinegar, baking soda, and dish soap, so make sure those are on hand. Let the affected area dry completely, and you should be all set. Sometimes, we can’t get to a stain immediately, and if that’s the case, steam cleaning can help to remove stains even once they’re dry. 

Keeping your home’s carpeting clean is important for so many reasons, but it’s not hard to do if you put some time into it. If you need more advice on caring for carpets or are looking to have some installed in your home, give the experts at Ozburn-Hessey a call today.

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