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What Kind of Carpet Is Commonly Used in Offices?

The commercial carpet industry is a busy one, with new offices cropping up every day in every city in America. If you’re on the hunt for carpeting ideas for your office, let’s review some of the types of carpet most commonly used in offices.

Carpet Commonly Used in Offices

Exploring Commercial Carpeting

Commercial carpet, at its core, is usually quite different from the residential options you might expect. Office carpet is usually (and unfairly) referred to as inferior to the plush carpeting you’d find in most homes. There are many reasons why commercial carpeting is maligned, and many of them come down to affordability. Commercial carpeting is generally a cheaper option than other types of resilient flooring like luxury vinyl or hardwood. It’s for this reason that many people associate commercial carpeting with drab office interiors, such as boring or outlandish patterns and textures that feel outdated. Since commercial carpeting is designed to endure much more abuse than residential carpeting, it generally lasts longer. Because of this, you see much more flooring that seems out of style and ugly in modern offices.

Fortunately, with modern commercial carpeting, it’s much easier to balance resilience, budget, and aesthetics. Offices are full of foot traffic, rolling chairs, and heavy furniture like filing cabinets. Despite this dynamic environment, with regular cleaning and maintenance, commercial office carpets can last a long time.

Common Office Carpet

Why is carpet used in offices? Carpet is great for commercial spaces because it has acoustic properties that help absorb echo and other ambient noise from large open spaces. This makes it especially attractive to property owners who are looking to improve acoustics. So what separates carpets from one another besides style? The material of carpeting goes a long way in determining what it’s best suited for.

How Do You Choose an Office Carpet?

Here are some common types of office carpet and what makes them great contenders for your space.

Nylon carpet is a common choice for offices because of its high durability and stain-resistant qualities. This synthetic fiber is one of the most expensive options, but it does present many benefits. Nylon is very responsive to heat cleaning, meaning steam cleaning floors not only will remove dirt and allergens but also help revive carpet fibers and get them back in their original shape.

Wool carpeting is another common choice, employing natural fibers as opposed to synthetic. Wool fiber carpeting is the most expensive type of carpet, but with that price comes the most benefits. It’s the most comfortable type of carpeting, it’s incredibly stain resistant, and it comes in a variety of patterns and colors to fit any interior design.

Olefin carpets are synthetic and represent the most budget-friendly option in commercial carpeting. While these carpets are the most affordable, they are still resilient and able to endure a lot of abuse. They have a shorter lifespan than other carpets and do call for replacement sooner than other carpet fibers.

Every type of commercial carpeting can be right in certain office environments. If you’re ready to explore your options further, give the experts at Ozburn-Hessey a call today for a free consultation and estimate.

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