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How to Save Time and Money on Residential Flooring

Finding the right flooring for your home can be tricky, but we’ve got some tips for saving time and money when making your selection. Read on for some advice and best practices when it comes to choosing your residential flooring

How to Choose the Best Residential Flooring Option

Research Your Options 

There are dozens of options for residential flooring, and each comes with a variety of pros and cons. From high-cost luxury options to budget-friendly, affordable choices, every type of flooring has its perks. There are plenty of independent home journals that have a great deal of information on different kinds of flooring. When researching your options, don’t overlook the anecdotal. Find out what your friends and family like and sample as much as possible. Consider exactly how the room or rooms you’re looking at will be used. Is soft flooring necessary? If it’s comfort you’re looking for, is carpet the right choice? There are countless types of flooring in a broad array of styles. Whatever you choose, make sure that you’re informed. Researching online and in person is crucial, but so is talking to the experts. Reach out to some local flooring companies for consultations. The insight provided by local flooring contractors can be indispensable. No matter where you are on your hunt for flooring, we’d love to help at Ozburn-Hessey

Trust the Experts 

If you’re looking for how to save money on flooring, you’ve undoubtedly considered the DIY approach. And unless you have actual professional experience installing floors, we wouldn’t recommend it. It’s fair to take this with a grain of salt from a flooring company, but we recognize that your time is valuable. While you might save a bit of money installing the flooring yourself, you won’t be able to get that time back. In the hands of a pro, a carpet installation can take hours depending on the square footage of the space. In your hands, that is likely to be much longer. Each type of flooring requires some specialized tools, with carpet calling for the most. These jobs aren’t easy, and leaving them in the hands of experts like Ozburn-Hessey will ensure that your time is spent doing the things you like rather than struggling with something you haven’t experienced before. When you’re doing it yourself, you’re also prone to make more mistakes. It’s easy to overlook something when you’re doing it for the first time, and that can have far-reaching and costly repercussions. While you might save time installing floors by yourself, you won’t if your moisture barrier is damaged and leads to warping. There are a variety of issues that can go wrong when you’re trying something on your own, and they can completely undo any savings you found by going for it on your own. 

As one of the residential flooring contractors near you, we trust our customers to make the right decisions, and we’re never going to insist that a person cannot install a floor properly on their own. However, the risks are higher, no matter how handy you might be, if flooring isn’t your expertise. Give yourself a break, and save the time, money, and headaches that come with a DIY job. 

So how can you save money on new flooring? By trusting the experts at Ozburn-Hessey, where you can feel comfortable you’re getting a knowledgeable consultation and an upfront, transparent estimate. Give us a call today to learn more.

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