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Key Services to Look for in Local Flooring Companies

There are probably more than a few local flooring companies in your area, and they’re all looking for your business. But who’s worth your time and money? Taking a look at the services they offer is a great place to start.

Here are some of the key services you should look for when selecting a local flooring company for your home or business. 


If they call themselves a flooring company, they’re going to be handling the installation for you. Installing floors is a complex job that may require experience that you just don’t have. From carpet to cork, hardwoods, and luxury vinyl tile, the flooring world is huge. You need to find a local flooring company that can perform a quality installation. Each type of flooring has its own strengths and weaknesses, but the first hurdle is installation. A bad install of even the most durable flooring can result in costly damage or end up just plain ugly.


Floor refinishing services are a good indicator that your local flooring company has experience and will be there to support you in the long term. Usually focused on hardwoods, floor refinishing is an excellent way to extend the lifetime of your floors. It’s recommended that hardwood floors are refinished at least once every decade to ensure that they don’t sustain irreversible damage. If you’re moving into an older home or fixer-upper, finding local flooring companies that offer hardwood refinishing is going to be a must. Trust the experts when it comes to refinishing, and you will have hardwood floors that last forever. 


Floor cleaning services are important for extending the lifetime of your flooring, both residential and commercial. Regularly cleaned floors are going to be much less susceptible to damage caused by mold, moisture, and other environmental factors. Let’s face it—your floors take a lot of abuse. Carpet cleaning with steam cleaners is not an easy task to do on your own, at least not if you want to get it right. The same goes for polishing wooden floors—experience matters. Ozburn-Hessey has that experience in spades, and we have the equipment to get it done right the first time, too. 

Beyond Flooring

Many flooring companies provide more than just flooring options. Ozburn-Hessey, for instance, also provides acoustic ceiling installations for homes and businesses. Acoustic ceiling tiles are incredibly powerful tiles that can help reduce noise transmission for use in soundproofing, privacy, and preventing echoes among other common audible distractions. We work with a variety of acoustical ceiling tile providers to ensure that our customers get the best quality. Just like with flooring, we pride ourselves on the decades of experience we have in installing acoustic ceiling tiles. 

So what should you look for in a flooring company? Experience matters most. If you want to work with pros who have decades of experience in Nashville flooring, look no further than Ozburn-Hessey. Give us a call today for a free consultation and estimate for your flooring or acoustic ceiling tile installation.

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