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The Top 8 Acoustical Ceiling Products for Homes and Businesses

Ozburn-Hessey has been serving the community with acoustic ceiling tile installations for decades, but we haven’t done it alone. Here are some of the products and providers we have worked with for years to deliver the best possible results for your home or business.

  • Armstrong World Industries

AWI provides acoustic ceiling products for commercial and residential purposes, and they’ve been in the industry for over 150 years. As with any acoustic ceiling tile creator, Armstrong adheres to industry standards and tests their products to ensure that they provide excellent sound absorption. AWI have innovated and developed some of the most cutting-edge acoustic ceiling tiles in a variety of styles and materials. 

  • USG

USG is another provider that’s been in the business for over 100 years. Short for the US Gypsum Company, they have a variety of products for businesses in the medical and commercial industries. Their commercial acoustic ceiling panels meet and exceed industry standards for sound absorption. Besides being simply sound absorbing, many of their tiles meet cleanroom ISO standards, making them mold and mildew resistant. This helps ensure that allergens don’t develop in the ceiling tiles and that sagging will not occur in the future. 

  • Rulon International

Rulon International is unique in the commercial acoustic ceiling tiles industry because they work almost exclusively with wood. Wooden acoustic ceiling panels offer unparalleled style while still performing their intended purpose dutifully. From unique wood patterns and finishes to carved patterns and incredible design, Rulon products are trusted equally for their noise canceling powers and natural beauty. 

Why You Need Acoustic Ceiling Tiles

Ozburn-Hessey also works with other providers for acoustic ceiling tiles, namely Hunter Douglas, Certainteed, Conwed, Architectural Components Group, and Wall Technology. Each of these companies meets our high standards for quality and craftsmanship, so you know that each installation is being performed with high-precision labor and products. When it comes to providing acoustic ceiling panels for home or commercial spaces, we don’t cut corners. Absorbing sound is critical for residences and businesses that produce a lot of noise or are prone to echoes. On a busy day at the office, you’re going to be grateful that you aren’t hearing sounds from the lobby or nearby conference rooms. Acoustic ceiling tiles are more than just a sound investment; they can actually boost productivity and enhance your concentration at home or at work. 

Ozburn-Hessey has decades of strong relationships with these acoustic ceiling tile providers. If you’ve looked at their websites, you may notice there’s a lot of information to absorb. Installers like Ozburn-Hessey partially act as the go-between for you and these providers, giving you the tools you need without overwhelming you with facts you don’t need. We have the answers to your questions, like what is the most commonly used type of acoustic ceiling tile? By giving you the details you need and buying the products for you, you can focus on other things while your acoustic tiles are installed. 

Interested in learning more about acoustical ceiling products that Ozburn-Hessey provides with companies across the world? We have answers, so don’t hesitate to give us a call for a free consultation and estimate today.

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