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Will Acoustic Ceiling Installation Disrupt Your Workplace?

Acoustic ceiling tiles are an excellent way to reduce distraction and noise transmission in your commercial space. But if you’re in the market for acoustic ceiling tiles, you may have an important question on your mind. Will acoustic ceiling installation disrupt your workplace? 

What Are Acoustic Ceiling Panels?

If you’re renting or own commercial space, odds are you’ve heard advice on reducing echo and sound transmission. Besides being distracting, echoes and traveling voices can be a privacy issue, making it hard for guests, employees, or clients to feel comfortable in a space. So, what effect does an acoustical ceiling have on sound? Acoustic tiles are made of absorbent materials that soak in sound, rather than bounce it back or transmit it through to the other side. While it may sound excessive, two minutes in a large commercial space without acoustic ceiling tiles ought to change your mind. Offices, lobbies, workspaces, and any other commercial spaces are going to be home to a lot of sounds. Keyboards, discussions, phone calls, printers, and even heating and cooling systems all compete for total sonic domination. Acoustic ceiling tiles absorb these sounds, keeping them from traveling across an open office plan or large commercial space. 

Reducing the spread of noise is the goal here. So, is it worth soundproofing your commercial ceiling? In most situations, the answer is a resounding yes. Besides their primary purpose of containing noise and preventing echo, these tiles can also help keep your space feeling and looking lighter. Pure white acoustic ceiling tiles don’t reflect sound, but they can help to spread light, meaning your electric bills might be reduced by installing these highly efficient ceiling tiles. 

Onto the next concern—is installing acoustic ceiling tiles a major disruption for your workplace? 

No Frustration Installation

Let’s be totally honest: there’s no way to fully prevent acoustic ceiling installation from being a potential disruption to the workplace. That said, professional installers (like the experts at Ozburn-Hessey) are focused on delivering results quickly and with minimal interference to your operations. If your hunt for acoustic ceiling installers near you brought you here, know that Ozburn-Hessey serves the Nashville area with years of experience. The biggest disruption when installing acoustic ceiling tiles is based on how long a project will take. The duration of an installation depends on a few factors.

The main factor is space. Larger installations take longer; it’s just how things work. For installs in smaller offices or storefronts, jobs generally take 1-3 days. Obviously, things can make an installation take longer, or in some cases, less time. For instance, if your space already has a good drop ceiling structure, that reduces the amount of work that will need to be done installing your acoustic ceiling tiles. Planning ahead can also reduce disruptions. Maybe you can schedule an installation when the office is closed for a holiday or break. And if you just acquired a commercial space, perhaps the installation can be done before the space is occupied.

Keep in mind that who you choose to do business with goes a long way when considering disruptions. If you’re in the Nashville area, consider the experienced pros at Ozburn-Hessey. We’ve done business with countless businesses, large and small. We know that construction is never easy on a space that’s being used, and we pride ourselves on being courteous, expeditious, and upfront on timelines.

Don’t try to do it yourself or hire a company without a well-established history of acoustic ceiling tile installations. Trust Ozburn-Hessey with your commercial acoustic ceiling installation. Give us a call today for a free consultation and estimate.

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