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What to Consider When Buying Residential Carpet for Your High-Traffic Living Room

Kid and two dogs on a carpet.

Your living room sees some of the highest foot traffic in your home. Between kids and pets running around, the weight of your furniture, and guests coming in and out of your home, your living room carpet can take a beating.

Luckily, there are ways to combat residential carpet issues. As long as you pay attention to residential carpet care best practices and research the best carpet for living rooms, you’ll be in the clear.

Here are some of the best steps you can take so that you can ensure your residential carpet stands the test of time.

What Is the Best Carpet for Living Rooms and the Rest of the Home?

As a homeowner, your immediate impulse might be to buy plush, luxurious carpet that creates a homey aesthetic. However, plush carpet, otherwise known as carpet with a high pile, might not be the best option for a high-traffic living room or other space.

Some of the best carpet for living rooms is a shorter pile and easy to vacuum. Luxury wool carpet is an excellent choice because it’s durable, easy to clean, and super comfortable to walk upon. Pets and kids can do very little damage to most types of luxury carpeting, and it can last for decades if properly maintained.

Low pile, textured residential carpeting is also an excellent choice. These types of carpets are also easy to clean and easily hide indiscretions, such as spills from the little ones or accidents from pets. Though stains can be treated, a textured carpet will also blend them, so you don’t have to sacrifice your interior’s aesthetic.

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