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What to Understand About Residential Carpet vs. Commercial Carpet

Whether you own an office, home, or both, you’ve probably thought about residential or commercial carpeting at one point. 

But what are the differences, and how do you choose the best carpet for home and office?

When it’s time to buy carpet, here’s what you need to know about both types of carpeting.


High Pile vs. Low Pile

High pile carpeting is rarely used in a commercial setting, and for good reason. If not regularly maintained, high pile carpet will snag easier and trap in dirt and other hazards brought in from outside. 

Low pile may not provide the cushion and comfort of high pile carpeting, but it still offers the pros of carpeting, such as noise reduction in a multi-use office building. 

Residential Carpeting

When you’re looking for residential carpeting, you’ll see there are a lot of options, especially when it comes to the length, or pile, of the carpet. 

Residential carpeting has the luxury of being longer, softer, and more welcoming because the foot traffic is typically lower, which means not as much debris and dirt gets tracked in. A high pile carpet is often used for home because it’s more comfortable for places you tend to be barefoot, on the ground watching t.v., or performing day-to-day tasks with your family. 

A well-maintained carpet also improves indoor air quality and energy costs. Wherever you place carpet, the room will be more evenly tempered, holding in the optimal temperature longer without slipping through the flooring like with an uncarpeted floor. 

And if you have children or senior pets, carpeting is a great idea to reduce trips and falls and provide more comfort for them when they do happen to have an accident.

Commercial Carpeting

Much like residential carpeting, commercial carpeting offers lower energy costs, noise mitigation, better indoor air quality, and more of a comforting feel under the foot.

But commercial carpeting will likely be low pile. This is good news, however, because with all of the foot traffic going throughout your facility, having a high pile will trap in dirt and other hazards.

Well-maintained commercial carpeting will provide better working conditions for employees, resulting in more production and fewer sick days. 

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