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Is Kitchen Laminate Flooring Right for My Home

Kitchen with new floors.

What to Know About Kitchen Laminate Flooring

Kitchen Laminate Flooring

Kitchen laminate flooring is an excellent choice for your kitchen and any grand room or entertainment space. You get the beautiful look of hardwood flooring without the cost and some of the cons of real hardwood.

If you have a high-traffic home with pets and kids, it’s even better to invest in laminate wood flooring so that you have a better return on investment.

Here is why kitchen laminate wood flooring is ideal for your home.

The Durability of Laminate Wood Flooring

Laminate floors are incredibly durable. Kitchens are usually the rooms that suffer from moisture issues the most. And if you desire the look of wood floors for your kitchen, laminate flooring is perfect.

Instead of worrying about spills or water overflows from appliances ruining expensive hardwood flooring, kitchen laminate flooring is easily maintained and cleaned.

As long as you don’t let water set for too long, laminate floors will be able to stand up against kitchen messes. They’re also easy to sweep and mop, so food, dirt, and other debris won’t have a chance to affect them too harshly.

Maintenance for Laminate Flooring

As mentioned, maintenance is easy. A quick weekly sweep and mop without harsh chemicals will do the trick.

It’s recommended to clean immediately if dirt and sand are tracked in. If this is the case, pay extra special attention to the spaces by the baseboards so that hazards don’t settle in and scratch the floors.

Laminate Kitchen Flooring Ideas

Another pro of laminate kitchen flooring is that it comes in a plethora of beautiful styles. Whether your home is traditional or contemporary, laminate floors will complement the interior.

Oftentimes, it’s difficult to tell the difference between real hardwood flooring and laminate floors. You can choose a matte or glossy finish and decide what type of texture you’d like so that they look as close to hardwood flooring as possible.

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Wood floors are also susceptible to humidity, especially if they’re not properly maintained. Nashville, TN, has humidity year-round, so you may find yourself constantly maintaining hardwood flooring so that they don’t bubble or have moisture issues from the humidity.

Ozburn-Hessey Company is a local Nashville family-owned company that knows exactly what you need for your Middle Tennessee flooring. Contact us today to get started with your laminate kitchen floors!

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