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What to Do with Old Acoustic Ceiling Tiles

Acoustic ceiling tiles offer many benefits to your home or business. But when they’re old or it’s just time for a replacement, you may not know what to do with them, especially if you don’t own your property. 

But if you rent an office space particularly and have to relocate, you’ll want to take the acoustic tiles you invested in with you. So, when moving out, you’ll want to replace what was there when you moved in. 

What to Do With Your Old Acoustic Ceiling Tiles

What to Do with Your Ceiling Tiles in an Office

If you want to reduce noise pollution in your office, installing acoustic ceiling tiles is a great way to do so. They also help with reducing electric bills by enhancing reflectivity and offering a more cohesive lighting across the space resulting in production from employees.

So, obviously, you’ll want to take these with you when you move out of your office. Oftentimes, acoustic tiles can be installed over the existing ceiling panels. 

This way, removing them is quick and easy, and they can be taken with you when you leave. You’ll also be protecting the original ceiling panels so that they’re protected, and your deposit for the space will be too.

Additionally, by adding an extra layer to your ceilings, it’ll help insulation, too, keeping heat and air trapped in the room for optimal temperatures. 

Recycling and Throwing Away Acoustic Ceilings

If you have old and beat-up acoustic ceiling tiles, you may need to throw them away. Removing them is fairly simple, and they can be disposed of in large trash bins. Clean-up will likely need to be done immediately. Dusting and vacuuming floors, desks, and other surfaces is a must for better indoor air quality. 

When recycling acoustic ceiling tiles, especially if they’re in great condition, you can often offer them to other offices in your building. Since there are plenty of benefits, especially for louder, fuller offices and commercial facilities, acoustic ceiling tiles come in good use for all types of workplaces and residences. 

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After acoustic ceiling tile removal, you’ll want to make sure you get new acoustic ceilings installed. Whether you have a multi-office building or a home office, cutting down noise is essential to productivity. Contact Ozburn-Hessey today for your Nashville, TN, area home or office acoustic ceiling tile installation.

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