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Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Commercial Carpet

Commercial carpeting is essential for an office building, employee break room, school, or a number of other spaces. It provides a softer footing than most other types of flooring, making it ideal for these types of facilities. Commercial carpet also adds warmth to a space as well as a welcoming aesthetic. 

But sometimes, during and after commercial carpet installation, you may come across some issues. Many of them can be avoided when properly preparing or when you do research on local commercial carpet installation companies. 

Here are some of the mistakes that are common and that are avoidable if you follow the right steps.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Commercial Carpet

Mistake One: Not Unrolling the Commercial Carpeting Correctly

There are several issues that can occur if commercial carpeting isn’t unrolled correctly. There may be divots, snags, and dips in the carpet that could become tripping hazards. Carpeting is also susceptible to fraying and wearing away in this state. 

You’ll also want to ensure that the carpet is unrolled tightly to each wall. If there are gaps between the carpet and wall, there will again be tripping hazards.

But there are also hygiene issues when there are gaps. Dust and debris will get caught between the wall and the carpeting, which makes the room unsafe for those coming through. Air quality can suffer, which will reduce employee production, health, and morale.

Mistake Two: Not Properly Sealing the Commercial Carpeting

Commercial carpet can’t just be laid down and forgotten about. It must be sealed to ensure it reaches its full intended lifecycle and doesn’t fray and wear away early. Sealing carpeting also offers a more aesthetically pleasing appearance. This gives your facility a more polished look, which shows clients, employees, and guests, that you take care of your building and care about the impression you give.

Mistake Three: Choosing a Carpeting That Isn’t Ideal in a Commercial Setting

Best carpet for commercial use

One of the easiest things to avoid is to only research and look into carpeting specifically tailored to commercial settings. 

Installing carpeting with a longer pile will lead to early snagging, allow more tripping hazards, and attract debris, dust, and moisture. This will lead to more allergens getting trapped in the room and causing health issues for employees.

Additionally, this type of carpeting doesn’t do as well with heavy office furniture or facility, or education equipment. 

Mistake Four: Choosing the Wrong Commercial Carpet Installation Partner

Hiring a flooring company that doesn’t have experience with commercial carpet installation can unintentionally fall into the above mistake categories. 

Whether their expertise is in residential carpeting or they simply don’t understand how to properly install carpet, it’s best to work with a partner who has expertise in commercial carpeting.

Working with a local contractor is even more ideal. They’ll understand how the climate of a certain area affects carpets and its maintenance needs. 

For example, Nashville, TN, has a lot of humidity year-round. A local Nashville carpet installer can guide you on the proper cleaning schedule to ensure moisture isn’t getting trapped in the carpet and can ensure all who enter your facility are safe from allergens.

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