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The Many Benefits to Laminate Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood floor installation can be laborious, but the outcome is beautiful. However, hardwood floors come at a high cost and can be extremely high maintenance. Luckily there are other options that offer the beauty of hardwood flooring without the cost and laborious maintenance. 

There are many benefits of hardwood floors. Hardwood flooring can last for decades if properly maintained, but if you have a busy schedule, a lower budget, or want a floor more suited to a high-traffic home, laminate hardwood flooring is the ideal solution. Here’s why laminate hardwood flooring is the best of both worlds.

What Are the Benefits of Laminate Flooring?

  • They Look Like Natural Hardwood: One of the best things about laminate flooring is that it looks as close to natural hardwood flooring as possible. Because of this, they will work in every type of home and room, whether it’s a modern or traditional space. 

  • They Are Extremely Durable: If you have a home with kids or pets, laminate flooring is your best bet. They can withstand some moisture if cleaned quickly, foot traffic, and debris being tracked in, as long as they’re maintained regularly. Sweeping and mopping once a week should do the trick. They can even withstand UV rays for long periods of time and won’t fade for years to come.

  • More Comfortable and Less Noisy: Laminate flooring is softer than hardwood flooring and offers more give than real hardwoods. Because of this, they’re also more noise resistant since they can absorb more sound. Again, if you have a home with high foot traffic, this can be a major benefit, especially if you have a busy living room or entertainment space with laminate flooring

  • Adds a Higher Resale Value: When you add laminate flooring to your home, you actually add value to it. Because of laminate’s durability, appearance, comfort, and other benefits, these are highly desirable floors. If you’re looking to add value or sell your home, installing laminate flooring is recommended by flooring experts. 

Where Do Residential Laminate Floors Work Best?

There are several rooms that’ll lend themselves to residential laminate floors. Rooms with a lot of foot traffic, heavy furniture, low moisture, or those that have mixed color palettes or aesthetics, will work well with laminate hardwood floors. Because they lend themselves to any era, color scheme, or even can tie in when you mix and match looks, putting them in spaces that you want to appear welcoming or liveable will make your home that much more special, timeless, and unforgettable. 

Here are a few rooms where laminate hardwood floors will look and work best:

  • Living rooms

  • Entertainment spaces

  • Entryways

  • Hallways

  • Bedrooms

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