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Why Rubber Flooring Is Ideal for a High-Traffic Home

High-traffic homes need several considerations when it comes to flooring. There are several choices when it comes to flooring, but for a home that experiences lots of activity and has pets and/or kids, there are many benefits of rubber flooring for residential homes.

Rubber flooring may not be top of mind when it comes to your home, but rubber floor tiles and rolls are incredibly valuable and beneficial to your home’s needs. 

Here are some of the rubber flooring residential benefits you can expect.

Benefits of Rubber Flooring for Residential Homes

Easy to Clean and Maintain

One of the greatest benefits of rubber flooring for residential homes that are high traffic is that they’re incredibly easy to clean. And because they aren’t made of sensitive material that locks in moisture and hazards, like hardwood flooring, you can disinfect them and deep clean as much as needed too.

As long as you sweep or vacuum and mop weekly, even high-traffic rubber floor tiles and rolls will stay clean and hygienic for all who live and visit your home. And if you like to maintain flooring daily, rubber flooring is tough and can handle it.

It is also both durable and comfortable, so it works in living and play areas. Because of its durability, it can handle heavy furniture, too, so installing it in your living room, playroom, or gym, will be ideal for your home.

Doesn’t Attract Allergens and Hazards

Because rubber flooring is easy to clean and maintain and not a porous material, it doesn’t attract allergens and other hazards, such as mold and mildew. This means it’s a perfect flooring type for those with kids who are crawling and playing all over the floor or those with allergies. Places like Nashville, Tennessee, already have several allergy issues, so the last thing you need is to add more allergens to your home. Your flooring contractor will help you understand where to install your rubber flooring and how it’ll offer a better indoor environment overall.

Offers Several Aesthetic Styles

Luckily, practicality doesn’t equal ugly or mundane appearance with rubber flooring. Rubber flooring offers several styles and aesthetics. Of course, there’s the most popular home gym appearance, black and sleek, but you can also find more neutral tones for living areas, colorful tones for playrooms, and patterns that resemble wood, stone, and other types of popular flooring. 

Work with the Professionals!

As you can see, there are several benefits of residential flooring. If you’re in the Nashville, TN, area and you’re hoping to work with a local flooring company to install rubber flooring in your home, contact Ozburn-Hessey Company today!

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