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Why Acoustic Ceiling Tiles Should Be Installed in a Multi-Use Building

Nashville, TN, welcomes countless businesses every year. Therefore, they must set up shop and find a productive workplace. There are a plethora of office buildings to choose from. If you’re a facility or office manager, you’ll have to keep residents’ needs and comforts top of mind to keep them from taking their business to other multi-use office buildings.  

One of the ways to keep production up and clients happy is to provide exceptional interior assets that help people remain focused, productive, and happy. One of those assets may be acoustic ceilings. Acoustic ceilings offer several benefits. 

Benefits of Acoustic Ceilings for Offices

1. Acoustical Ceiling Tiles Offer Balanced Sound 

Instead of being inundated with typing from computers, chatter from co-workers, and sounds from other offices in the building, acoustic ceilings help absorb sound. This helps not only the office you’re in by keeping sound in your space. It also absorbs sound from other areas so it doesn’t seep through and get to your staff, distracting them and making them less productive. 

2. Acoustical Ceilings Add a Polished Aesthetic

Acoustic tiles are not only ideal for mitigating excessive sound, but they also offer office buildings a more professional appearance. These tiles can cover unsightly wiring, pipes, rust, and other unappealing components on your ceilings. 

3. Acoustic Ceilings Help Increase Energy Efficiency

White, highly reflective acoustic ceiling tiles reflect light enough so that you can actually turn on fewer lights while people are in the office. When paired with an indirect lighting system, illumination can be increased by up to 20%, saving you tons of money over time. 

All of these benefits increase employee happiness and comfort so they will be able to concentrate better and get more work done in an efficient manner.

Call Acoustical Ceiling Contractors

If you manage or own a multi-use office building in Nashville, TN, acoustical ceiling tiles are right for you. Contact the professionals at Ozburn-Hessey Company today to get started improving your office and making your staff more productive.

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