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Hardwood Floor Colors and What They Do for Your Space

Hardwood flooring for your home has extensive benefits and for good reason. They’re extremely durable, beautiful, natural, can be repurposed, recycled, maintainable, and timeless. They work in any home and room because they go with all types of furnishings, and aesthetics, and can make any room look better.

However, to fully optimize the benefits of hardwood flooring, you’ll want to ensure the colors you choose throughout your home not only reflect your tastes but bring out the very best features of your home.

So what should you consider when choosing the color of your hardwood flooring? Here are some general rules and ideas to think about before you make such an investment. 

Middle of the Road Shades of Hardwood Flooring

Properly maintained pine hardwood flooring is popular and classic. The color sits in the middle of the hardwood color spectrum, so it won’t be so dark that it’ll bring down the vibe but also, light enough to not immediately set your space in a more traditional era. It’s durable and accessible. It also complements most furniture genres. 

You may also consider gray-toned hardwood flooring. These hardwoods accomplish similar aesthetic goals as pinewood since it takes a lighter wood and adds a little depth and tradition. 

You could even add a multi-color wood to your space to complement any home, whether it’s traditional or more contemporary. If you have lighter furnishings, this type of hardwood flooring is ideal since the lighter colors will allow the unique shades in the multi-colored hardwoods to pop.

Light Hardwood Flooring

Lighter shades are perfect for a more modern appearance, especially if you have furniture to complement such a look. If you’re younger or have a young family, newer generations tend to flock to these colors. But regardless of age, if you desire a more relaxed, beachy, or rustic feel, lighter hardwoods are ideal for the space in question. 

You could also do a multi-color or gray-toned light hardwood floor that gives you the same benefits as stated above but all a bit lighter in color and vibe overall. 

Darker Hardwood Flooring

Finally, darker hardwood flooring is another excellent choice if you’re going for a more traditional appearance. They will work with antique furnishing, and beautiful stonework, and can tone down or perfectly contrast louder pieces in the room. 

If you desire a redder hue, dark hardwoods offer natural reds, browns, and grays to fit any space. You can even do a duo-toned hardwood with both light and dark shades if you’re unable to decide exactly what will work with your home.

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