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Top 3 Things to Consider When Buying Residential Carpet

Residential carpeting has been popular for decades and for good reason. It adds comfort, style, and warmth to any home. It works in several spaces, is easy to clean and maintain, and can last for several decades. 

When you’re considering residential carpet, you’ll want to know what the best carpet for your home will be, what it can bring to the space, and how affordable it is. 

So, how do you know the best carpet to buy for your home? Here are some things to consider when doing your residential carpeting research.

Things to Consider When Shopping for Residential Carpets

Understand Where Carpet Will Work Best

Though carpeting can work in several parts of the home, there are places it will likely not be as welcome. For example, areas where there tends to be more moisture, like the kitchen or bathroom won’t be the best place to install carpeting. If carpeting gets damp or wet, it needs to be dried quickly so it doesn’t start to mold.

In a bathroom, it would also need to be shampooed much more often. 

However, residential carpeting brings comfort to places like bedrooms, living rooms, and entertainment spaces. Especially when waking up in the morning, it’s much more comforting to step on plush carpet than cold hardwood floors. 

For bedrooms, it’s recommended to purchase plush, high-end carpeting so that it lasts for decades and offers comfort. For living rooms and more high-traffic areas, a lower carpet pile is usually recommended. This allows the carpet to be more easily maintained and snag less from foot traffic and heavy furniture. 

Understand How and When to Maintain

Taking care of your residential carpeting is also imperative when making your purchase. Depending on who lives in your home, you’ll most likely need to vacuum your floors once a week at a minimum. If you have kids and pets, especially pets who shed, you’ll likely need to vacuum more than once a week for easy maintenance. Keep in mind, the higher the pile of carpet, the more debris it can capture. So, understanding how to properly maintain it is key to comprehensive cleaning and hygiene. When purchasing your carpet, your carpet company can explain the ins and outs of the specific carpet you purchase. 

Find the Right Installer

Of course, working with an experienced carpet installer is key to the overall project. They’ll understand not only how to install, but can walk you through the maintenance needs of your specific type of residential carpeting. 

Working with a local contractor is even better, especially when you live in more humid or wet climates, like Nashville, TN. Your carpet will need to be kept dry to avoid attracting mold and mildew issues. A dehumidifier is helpful, but for specifics on carpet maintenance, ask your carpet company

They can also help you understand your warranty and what factors are covered, including hazards like climate issues. 

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