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What Acoustical Ceiling Contractors Will Recommend for Your Nashville Studio

Building a recording studio in Nashville, TN, is common, and in order to compete with the countless other studios, you must have the right acoustics. And if your studio is in your home, it’s even more essential that you have the acoustics right so that not only is the sound in the studio ideal, but you also can ensure sound doesn’t bleed throughout the home. 

Installing acoustic ceiling panels in Nashville studios can make your studio and home the perfect place to live and work. 

What to Know About Acoustic Ceilings

What Acoustic Ceilings Do

Acoustic ceilings offer so many benefits to your studio or home. And though keeping sound manageable is their main role, they offer other benefits as well.

Acoustic ceilings:

  • Allows sound to bound off the ceiling in a more pleasing way to the ear.

  • Contain the sound of drums and percussion, so it doesn’t bleed excessively into the recording.

  • Keep sound within individual studios or rehearsal spaces so as not to interfere with other clients or businesses.

  • Offer a beautiful aesthetic that make your studio look more professional. 

  • Hide unappealing wires, pipes, ductwork, and more, offering your studio a more polished look. 

  • Decreases energy bills due to the trapped heat or air from the acoustical ceilings. 

Acoustical Ceiling Contractors

Even if you don’t have a studio or don’t need a music room, acoustic ceilings are great for any home or business. Hiring acoustical ceiling contractors is essential for proper installation and longevity. 

Here are some ways acoustical ceilings can help your home or office:

  • Can absorb noise in louder areas, such as kitchen and entertainment spaces.

  • Can keep your bedrooms and home or multi-office buildings quiet.

  • Offer a better surface for lighting to reflect and absorb off of so that it’s optimal for employees while working. 

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Whether you’re looking to upgrade your studio, home, or office, acoustic ceilings are an ideal addition. If you’re in the Nashville, TN, area and would like to work with an acoustic ceiling contractor, contact Ozburn-Hessey today!

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