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The Best Looking Residential Floor Coverings and Why

Choosing your residential flooring can be exciting and stressful, so knowing the best floor coverings for your home and lifestyle can help. The first step is considering how much foot traffic you have in your home. If you have kids or pets, you’ll also want to think about how many spills and accidents could potentially occur that will wear away at the integrity of your flooring. But then, of course, you want flooring that will offer the aesthetic you desire for your home. 

Consider these points when thinking about the look you want for your residential floor coverings:

  • Is your home modern or contemporary?

  • Does your home have an open floor plan, or are there several rooms?

  • Is the space you’re laying flooring big or small?

  • What part of your home is the floor going?

All of these tips will point you in the right direction where you can at least begin to decide what type of flooring will work for you. You’ll want flooring that brings out your home’s natural beauty but also work with the existing aesthetic that your home projects. You’ll also want to choose the correct styles and colors of flooring so that it doesn’t make your space look too small or overwhelm the eye. 

Here are the two types of residential floor coverings experts recommend the most.

Best Looking Residential Floor Coverings

Vinyl Plank Flooring

Vinyl plank flooring has become a favorite of many homeowners in the last couple of decades for countless reasons. They are considered one of the best looking floor coverings because they offer a genuine look of hardwood flooring, but with added benefits. Some of those benefits include:

  • Moisture resistance/Waterproof – Reducing the amount of mold, mildew, and allergens in your home. Perfect for pets and kids.

  • Durable – Perfect for heavy foot traffic, furniture, or homes that do a lot of entertaining.

  • Easy to maintain and clean as long as you don’t use harsh chemicals.

  • Realistic look of wood flooring.

Vinyl plank flooring also comes in several styles and colors, so they’re sure to complement any home. It’s easy to install and will upgrade the look of your home in no time.

Wood Flooring

Woof flooring is classic and will always be in style. These types of flooring can even now be refurbished from used hardwood so that it’s a more sustainable, environmentally-friendly product. Though wood flooring is more difficult to maintain than vinyl plank flooring, as long as they are swept and mopped with lukewarm water regularly, they can last for decades. 

Some of the benefits of wood flooring are:

  • Add value to your home.

  • Don’t trap allergens like carpeting, perfect for homes in places like Nashville, TN, or homes with pets.

  • They pay for themselves in time since they’re so durable.

  • Offer your home excellent acoustics, perfect for entertainment spaces or musical households.

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