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Most Recommended Residential Floor Coverings

Flooring is an essential part of any home. When you’re looking to replace or upgrade your residential floor coverings, you want to make sure you combine simple maintenance, a modern yet classic look, and something that fits your budget. Depending on your lifestyle and the traffic in your home determines what floor covering is best for you and your home. 

Here are the best residential floor coverings recommended by professionals and why.

Best Residential Floors

Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring has always been one of the most popular and classic types of residential floor coverings. Wood flooring is beautiful and complements all types of homes. Whether you have a more traditional or contemporary home, hardwood flooring will always enhance a home’s aesthetic.

Cleaning is also fairly easy if done regularly and immediately after spills. To clean wood flooring, a weekly sweep and mop with luke warm water will do the trick. Hardwood floor refinishing is also recommended every few years so that it can stand the test of time and be protected from the elements.

However, wood flooring can be difficult to maintain if you have a high-traffic home. If you have pets and kids, real hardwood flooring may not be ideal. Not only will spills lead to compromised wood, causing mildew and mold issues. Hardwood flooring is also susceptible to scratching and scuffs. 

Laminate Flooring

Laminate floor coverings are also a good option for most homes. They’re durable to heavy foot traffic, furniture, pets, and kids, they’re easy to install and aesthetically pleasing. Laminate flooring is significantly less expensive than hardwood flooring and much more stain resistant. 

However, laminate flooring isn’t good in homes with a lot of moisture issues and can look almost fake or manufactured in appearance. Of course, choosing the right flooring contractor will help you make the right decision.

Vinyl Hardwood Flooring

Vinyl hardwood flooring is the best of both worlds. These floor coverings are made to look like hardwood flooring but offer all the low maintenance and better price of laminate flooring. They also can resist moisture, are easy to install, and hold up against heavy foot traffic. 

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